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Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that encompasses the extraction of data (both deleted and current) found in digital devices (e.g. mobile phones and computers) and the analysis, investigation, and reporting on the analysed data to a legal standard.

Digital Forensic deleted data recovery investigations have a variety of applications, from use in the private sector for personal reasons, to corporate and government investigations for analysis into insurance and workplace fraud, intellectual property theft and espionage, and for legal matters that require evidence for family, civil and criminal proceedings, among others.

What Is The Unique NSI Digital Forensic Methodology?

The Advantage Of NSI Global's Specialist Digital Forensic Services VS The Significant Risk Of General Data Recovery and Detection Software

Critical Information To Consider For Crucial Data

Brisbane Digital Forensic Services

Our experts are trained in digital forensics and mobile phone forensics Brisbane, with Masters degrees attained from some of Australia’s most prestigious universities.

Digital Forensic Data Recovery

NSI provides digital forensic data recovery in Brisbane for over 40,000 different mobile devices, including smartphones, smart watches, and tablets.
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Digital Forensic Incident Response

NSI Global’s specialist digital forensic unit helps identify, preserve, analyse, and report on electronically stored information for use in investigations and legal proceedings.
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Social Media and Cloud Forensics

Social Media and Cloud Digital Forensic Services in Brisbane can recover deleted data from the most popular social media and cloud platforms including many encrypted applications.
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Computer and Hard Drive Forensics

Our Brisbane digital forensic specialists are able to extract deleted data from computer hard drives, USB thumb drives, solid state drives and server storage drives.
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“Our experts have been successfully retrieving data from smart devices for over 20 years.”

We Can Recover Deleted Data in Brisbane From The Following Categories

SMS Messages

MMS Messages

Chat Messages

Call History


Images and Videos


Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger, Wickr, Signal, Telegram, among others.

Cloud Storage

Australia's Leading Digital Forensic Incident Response Firm


Using the same restricted access equipment as law enforcement agencies worldwide, our digital forensic equipment can examine over 40,000 different mobile devices.

Legally Qualified

Our digital forensic examiners in Brisbane are legally qualified and can author legally admissible reports, affidavits, technical reports, case analysis, and any expert reporting required to support your case.


For more than two decades, NSI Global have provided digital forensic evidence in Brisbane and are trusted advisors to the Government, Defence, Law Enforcement, Corporate, and Private Sectors.

Industry Heavyweights and Government Departments Trust NSI Global

You can have the same peace of mind.

Please note, we adhere to the Privacy Act, Surveillance Devices Act and relevant statutes in relation to the access of cloud-based data. We will require the permission of the user/owner of the account to be able to access said data.

NSI Global will not interfere nor accept any job or assignment for a client that is the subject of any law enforcement investigation.

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