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We are a global leader in Counter Intelligence and Geopolitical Risk Advisory. All areas of the globe are covered by our team of Specialist TSCM Investigators, Analysts, and In-field Agents. We identify, isolate, analyse, report, and counter, every threat and facet of risk faced by VIP’s, Multinationals, Industries, Law Enforcement, and Government Bodies. In today’s increasingly uncertain global political and business environments, NSI guides its clientele, safely informing their future. We offer world class Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and Digital Forensics along with a comprehensive suite of bespoke defensive security measures. We are highly regarded for TSCM Bug Sweeps Sydney and Digital Forensic Deleted Data Recovery and counter espionage solutions within Australia as well as internationally.

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FACT: NSI has provided comprehensive corporate risk audits and fortified the security architecture of a number of the worlds oldest and largest multinational organisations.

FACT: NSI offer the most comprehensive security advisory service for your entire organisation covering the physical structure, staff, processes, capital equipment, intellectual property, external diligence, executive protection, and Itinerary Oversight.

FACT: NSI does not use rudimentary off the shelf commercially available equipment.

FACT: At NSI we understand that a bug sweep is only a part of a successful corporate protection program. A bug sweep alone can only guarantee privacy for that particular point in time. Any other TSCM provider that advises otherwise, does so due to their own limitations.

FACT: NSI has been contracted by The Federal Government, Multinational Corporations, Leading Law firms, and a number of the world’s High Net Worth Individuals.

FACT: NSI has assisted law enforcement bodies with its Specialist Digital Forensic Services when needing Forensic Deleted Data Recovery.

FACT: Equipment used by NSI is also utilised by Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies throughout the world.

FACT: Due to NSI's global reach, and the many long-established relationships within the intelligence community, we are uniquely placed to provide the most up to the minute and in-depth geopolitical risk reports.