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Security Master Plan

Many security programs that NSI assesses are almost exclusively responsive in nature. NSI Global understands that security responsibilities have evolved from traditional camera placement, access control, and cybersecurity to a need for a program model that includes the criteria of security design, development, espionage countermeasures, and implementation.

Best practice security risk management starts with a master plan. An effective security master plan (SMP) is a live document that delineates an organisation’s security philosophies, strategies, goals, programs and processes.

An SMP is used to guide the organisation’s development and direction in these areas in a manner that is consistent with the company’s overall business plan. It also enables an organisation to identify, prioritise, budget for and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted as the threat environment and organisation’s risk profile evolves.

NSI Global’s Risk Advisory Unit will work closely with your organisation’s team, department heads, contractors and/or C-Suite executives throughout the process, actively monitoring and reviewing, the successful implementation of each stage.

Security Master Plans | The NSI Global Way

Pre-Engagement Consultation

Establish the Context

Define the Threat

Security and Espionage Risk Assessment Grading

Geopolitical Risk Assessment Grading

Security Risk Management (Identify, Assess, Evaluate, Treat Risks)

Risk Treatment Strategy

Project Management of Security Master Plan

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