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Private Investigators Sydney and Canberra

NSI Global’s Investigation Unit has private investigators in Sydney and Canberra, who provide a comprehensive range of Private Investigative Services as part of surveillance investigations, background checks, child custody investigations, family law investigations, infidelity investigations, missing person investigations, and witness location investigations.

Our Investigations Unit understands the importance of obtaining accurate information, protecting your interests, and achieving successful outcomes. We conduct Private Investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses, and law firms.

Our private investigations are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our teams consist of highly skilled experts with credentials in diverse fields such as law, international security, cybercrime, finance, intelligence, and law enforcement. Leveraging their expertise, our Investigations Unit employs advanced techniques including explorative interviewing, witness identification, and covert surveillance operations.

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NSI Global's Range of Private Investigation Services

Surveillance Investigations

Our team employs advanced techniques and a 7 phase best-in-class process to conduct discreet surveillance operations, gathering critical evidence to support your case.

Background Checks

Our Investigations Unit conducts comprehensive background checks to provide you with accurate and detailed information about individuals or entities, so you can make informed decisions.

Child Custody Investigations

At NSI Global, we understand the delicate nature of child custody cases. Our experienced investigators can gather evidence and information to support your custody claims, ensuring the best interests of the child are upheld.

Family Law Investigations

Our team is well-versed in conducting thorough investigations related to family law matters. We help gather evidence related to divorce, child support, and other family law issues.

Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect a cheating partner? Our investigators handle infidelity cases with utmost care, ensuring that you have the answers you need while maintaining your privacy.

Missing Persons

If you are searching for a missing loved one, our Investigations Unit will exhaust every possible resource to help locate them.

Witness Locating

Do you need to locate a witness for an upcoming trial? Our team has the skills and resources to track down individuals, ensuring that they can testify when needed.

Unparralled Experience, Discretion and Confidentiality

Our Investigation Unit consists of highly skilled private investigators in Sydney with extensive experience in various investigative fields. Our proprietary methodologies and controls ensure that we adhere to all relevant international, national, and local laws, including guidelines of professional practice and rules of evidence.

We understand the sensitive nature of private investigations. Confidentiality and discretion are at the core of our operations. We abide by a strict code of confidentiality and handle all cases with the utmost professionalism and maintain discretion throughout the entire investigation process.

With a global presence and extensive network of contacts, NSI Global possesses invaluable local expertise and abundant resources in jurisdictions worldwide. This empowers us to efficiently locate and uncover evidence pertaining to individuals and entities, even in regions known to be exceptionally challenging for outsiders to navigate.

For a confidential consultation, Chat with us Live, click the ‘Get In Touch‘ button to the right of the page, or contact us.

Trusted Investigators with Proven Results

Due to NSI Global’s long-standing historical track record of innovation, we have developed strategic proprietary investigative processes and comprehensive methodology to best collect, document, and present the evidence required for your case.

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We invite you to make an appointment for a confidential discussion at our radio shielded, secure office in Sydney Olympic Park. This location is under 24 hour surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology to ensure your privacy.

NSI Global will not interfere nor accept any job or assignment for a client that is the subject of any law enforcement investigation.

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