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Specialized Cyber & Physical Security Compliance Testing for High-Security Corporate & Government Facilities

NSI Global’s Offensive Cyber Security Services can test your organisation’s cyber security compliance to uncover weaknesses. As part of a cyber security risk assessment, our specialists verify the strength of security controls and procedures, then provide the framework and advice necessary to address organizational security risks.

Comprehensive offensive strategies require the implementation of vigorous security testing and cyber risk assessments. Additionally, remaining vigilant in the face of ever-changing and growing cyber and physical penetration threats is a challenge. However, partnering up with NSI Global will provide you with ground-breaking compliance and cyber security monitoring technologies, access to subject matter experts, and cyber threat and risk assessment specialists who understand what it takes to secure an organization and its data.

NSI Global’s Offensive Cyber Security Unit (OCSU) is manned by operatives with an extensive history in military, intelligence, counterintelligence, government cyber units and law enforcement. Continuous collaboration between the OCSU and NSI Global’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Unit (TSCMU) — who provide world class TSCM bug sweeps — provides first-hand knowledge of the latest adversarial tactics and methodologies. This ensures that when you choose NSI Global for your cyber risk assessment services, you are getting the most up-to-date assessment.

As a result, our clientele enjoy unparalleled access to the latest cyber offensive intelligence. This allows you to leverage this extensive knowledge base and unmatched technological resources to anticipate and counter even the most advanced hacking and penetration tactics and tools used by state-sponsored attackers. Our commitment to research and innovation ensures our corporate and government clientele are best empowered to block, detect and counter penetration threats. We also are able to complement your cyber attack risk assessment with cyber threat detection services to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

Additionally, to enhance your organisation’s security, we also have a range of related services. This includes our risk advisory services, which assesses your organisations and develops plans for a range of risks and threats to keep your people and data safe. Further, our due diligence investigation service can ensure that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your organisation’s future. We can also assist with forensic data recovery if information or files have been deleted as a result of a cyber attack. Our digital forensic experts use advanced, restricted-access technology to safely and securely recover your data.

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"NSI Global's Offensive Cyber Security Unit (OCSU) offers the most rigorous penetration testing in the industry, effectively simulating the latest techniques and methods of even the most advanced state sponsored intruder."

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Ransomware Vulnerability Audit

NSI Global provides Ransomware Vulnerability Audits to identify vulnerabilities and provide strategic guidance and countermeasures to mitigate disturbances to the business and any potential losses.
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Penetration Testing

NSI Global’s penetration testing and risk assessment (ethical hacking) service tests the cyber security of your IT systems by recognising and exploiting weaknesses.
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Red Team Penetration Testing

Red Team Penetration Testing involves NSI’s Cyber Security Unit putting themselves in the place of a real, motivated attacker, throwing away the rule books to find your organisation’s vulnerabilities.
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Social Engineering Testing

By deliberately influencing an employee’s good intentions or their inquisitiveness, our operatives for our cyber security risk assessment service then gain access into your organisation’s computer systems and networks.
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Wireless Security Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are vital for providing access to systems and data, but they can also act as an entry point for cybercriminals. NSI Global believes that the only way to ensure that your organisation is not exposed to wireless security risks is to perform regular penetration testing exercises.
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PCI Penetration Testing

NSI Global's Offensive Cyber Security Unit has helped many multinational organisations protect their customers' card data from fraud by performing annual Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) penetration tests.
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Web, Mobile App, Network, Wireless Security Penetration Testing

The NSI Global Cyber Security Unit performs web application, mobile application and network penetration testing services to discover security vulnerabilities that may affect your business.
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Application Security Testing

Application security is able to be assessed by NSI Global’s Cyber Security Unit for both web (browser based) and non-web (client/server, command line, etc) based systems. Our team looks for any software defects, bugs and logic faults.
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Network Security Testing

Organisations that fail to implement a strong network security framework leave themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks. Our cyber security compliance team can find these vulnerabilities and suggest fixes.
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Remote Access Testing

A remote access assessment is a type of penetration test designed to identify and help comprehensively address security vulnerabilities that can result as a consequence of employees working outside of the office, either from a hotel, airport or at home.
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Choose NSI Global’s Cyber Risk Assessment Services

NSI Global has provided many organisations, including industry heavyweights and government departments, with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions around their cyber security.

To confidentially discuss your organisation’s cyber security and the risks present, we can arrange a cyber risk assessment appointment at our radio-shielded, secure office in Olympic Park, Sydney. During this discussion, your privacy will be protected as our location is under-24 hour surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology.

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