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NSI Global is a specialist Global Risk and Intelligence Advisory Firm that has built a reputation for consistently managing complex projects. We deliver the results our clients need to build organisations that are secure, compliant, and resilient in an era of ever-increasing risk.

We are a global network of highly specialised operatives providing unique capabilities in counterintelligence, counterterrorism and counterinsurgency intelligence, geopolitical risk intelligence, digital forensic incident response, and corporate investigations.

We have provided specialised consultation to organisations across a wide range of industries, government, and not-for-profit sectors. NSI Global helps protect its clientele from financial loss and reputational damage and provides invaluable intelligence to protect their people and their business.

Our Commitment

Our clients trust us to uncover vulnerabilities and threats and provide guidance with the most important aspects of their business.

For NSI Global, confidentiality is the cornerstone of the loyal relationships we have with the organisations we work with. So as a matter of course we do not identify clientele.

Our researchers work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our people and technological innovation in order to stay ahead of, and counter illicit technology and methodology.

As a Global Leader, NSI will continue to extend our global in-field resources and provide our clientele with the most current intelligence and forecasts. We will continue our commitment to ongoing investment in research and development of state of the art countermeasures.

As we have for more than two decades, NSI will protect, serve, and secure our loyal clientele’s peace of mind and inform their futures.

NSI is the most sought out Global Risk and Intelligence advisory firm for complex and sophisticated threat mitigation.

Our team has been handpicked for our practical, in field and operational experience, as well as our specialised educational qualifications, such as:

  • Masters of Information Technology
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Advanced Diploma of Management
  • Military Service
  • Certificate III Investigative Services
  • Law Enforcement Service
  • Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Project Management
  • Intelligence Services
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Diploma of Workplace Health and Safety
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma of Network Security
  • Masters of International Security Studies
  • Diploma of Security Risk Management
  • Masters of Cyber Security
  • Certificate IV Government Fraud Control


NSI Global and all its employees internationally, are legally bound to a strict code of professional, ethical, confidential, and legal conduct. NSI Global is a security and cyber member, and partner, with the Department of Defence and a number of Australian government departments.

Vetted government or defence clientele can request to be provided with a list of these affiliations.

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