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Business Continuity

NSI Global’s decades of involvement at the forefront of the counterintelligence community provides us unique insights and access to technology and knowledge that is far outside the reach of the average risk management firm.

Many factors may affect business continuity, whether it is an uprising, a political movement, an election, mass staff defection, a natural disaster, the threat of war, public health emergencies, shareholder revolt, insider threats, competitive intelligence providers, state sponsored espionage, among many others. Proactively fortifying your business and ensuring your resilience to these high stakes events is our speciality.

NSI Global takes the time to investigate your risks before a crisis occurs. We assign specialised personnel with clear roles and responsibilities, and administer state of the art countermeasures. Our DOD cleared specialists help you implement and maintain clearly defined defensive business resilience programmes that are aligned with your operational priorities.

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NSI Global has provided organisations with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions. We can arrange an appointment for a confidential discussion at our radio shielded, secure office in Sydney Olympic Park. This location is under 24 hour surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology to ensure your privacy.

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