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Specialised Skillsets and Experience Produce Results

NSI Global recognises that each clients’ circumstances are unique and specific to their industry. We focus on the issue at hand and clearly defined objectives to create the most effective investigative strategy. We enhance our investigative capabilities with expertise in digital forensics, forensic data analytics, eDiscovery, and eDisclosure services leveraging technology to provide the widest range of irrefutable evidence for your case.

Our in-field investigators are all licensed, insured, and trained to NSI’s high standards of covert investigations. After reviewing the intricacies involving your particular circumstances, we will match a specific investigator to you based on the requirements of your case.

Our team of case managers and surveillance operations managers have an extensive depth of knowledge and qualifications. This ranges from legal and investigative qualifications, law enforcement or intelligence experience, insurance industry experience, and Department of Defence security clearances for Government investigations. Additionally, our case managers are legally qualified and can prepare all reports and affidavits to a legal standard. We will work closely with you, your legal counsel or law firm, and can provide expert witness testimony in court to present the hard evidence found during the conduct of the investigation.

NSI Global is able to discreetly deploy our team to conduct investigations on a global scale. Recently completed assignments have seen us carry out investigations, across Sydney, Canberra, United States, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.

NSI Global's Best In Class Investigative Process

NSI Global’s consistent application of a comprehensive methodology provides reliable, consistent, actionable, evidence to support your case.

Phase 1 - Secure Location Interviews

Confidential meeting at our radio shielded, secure office in Sydney Olympic Park.

Phase 2 - Situational Mapping and Detailed Agent Debrief

Debrief agent with details of claim and specific investigation requirements.

Phase 3 - Investigation Commencement

Strategy followed and collection of evidence commences.

Phase 4 - Situational Adaptation

Adjustments made as required as new evidentiary avenues are revealed.

Phase 5 - Evidence Timeline Compilation

Detailed collation of gathered evidence prepared.

Phase 6 - Comprehensive Investigation Report and Client Recommendations

Detailed report compiled outlining pre and post circumstances of the claim, evidence found, resources referenced, and recommendations presented.

Phase 7 - Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony presented in court outlining all findings for the client.

Industry Heavyweights and Government Departments Trust NSI Global

You can have the same peace of mind.

We invite you to make an appointment for a confidential discussion at our radio shielded, secure office in Sydney Olympic Park. This location is under 24 hour surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology to ensure your privacy.

NSI Global will not interfere nor accept any job or assignment for a client that is the subject of any law enforcement investigation.

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