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Advanced & Experienced Penetration Testing Services

NSI Global’s penetration testing (ethical hacking) service tests the security of your IT systems, web applications, mobile applications and networks, by recognising and exploiting weaknesses. As part of our penetration test service, we will profile your organisation, business processes and technology from the perspective of its most likely threats.

Doing so will allow us to determine the flexibility of your environment to malicious attempts to penetrate your systems. These penetration test services can address a number of issues, including but not limited to: identifying insider threats, identifying weaknesses in servers, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in mobile security, assessing network infrastructure, application penetration testing services including finding application programming interface (API) vulnerabilities, seeking out software flaws, and securing unpatched systems.

Please note that as part of our cyber penetration testing services, we do not use scanning software with limited capabilities such as basic vulnerability assessment tools. This is because attack scenarios are often overlooked. All methodologies we employ as part of our external penetration testing services are based on industry best practices. We use the same tools as those used by attackers on the internet, as well as cyber security tools that are developed in-house to provide an innovative and thorough ethical hacking and penetration testing service.

Our Offensive Cyber Security Unit (OSCU) follows a 7-phase penetration testing methodology, and provides detailed reports and actionable mitigation strategies to protect your organisation. As part of this, we can conduct a range of penetration testing, including social engineering testing and red team pen testing to explore other avenues that attackers may take. We can even complete physical penetration testing.

If you are serious about protecting your organisation’s security, we also offer a range of risk advisory and security services to ensure you have a holistic security approach. This includes TSCM bug sweeps to detect and counter surveillance threats. If you are hiring new team members, considering a merger or acquisition, or similar changes to your organisation, our due diligence investigation service can play a critical role in ensuring you are fully informed before making any lasting decisions. Finally, if your organisation has previously been attacked by cyber criminals and data has been lost, our digital forensic team may be able to help. Using advanced forensic data recovery techniques and technology, we can give you your best shot at retrieving the data, and restoring it in a manner that is accepted in courts.

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Benefits of Our Penetration Testing Services

Allows you to identify and repair vulnerabilities at a range of levels

Improves organisational awareness and understanding of cyber security risks

Clearly demonstrates your organisation's continuous commitment

Provides your organisation with independent assurance of security controls

Provides your organisation with the information needed to map out future offensive cyber security investments

ISO27001, PCI DSS and GDPR compliance support

For Social Engineering, Physical & Other Penetration Testing Services in Australia & Around the World

NSI Global’s advanced penetration tests and services have been used by industry heavyweights and governments nationally and internationally. We have provided these organisations with crucial intelligence to review and improve their cyber security. And you can have our expertise also.

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