Offensive Cyber Security Methodology

NSI Global's Offensive Cyber Security Penetration Testing Methodology

NSI’s Offensive Cyber Security Unit utilises a multi-layered approach based on industry best practice (ISO27001 to ISO27005, ASD Essential 8, ACSC), when conducting physical and cyber penetration testing.

​Phase 1 – Intelligence and Planning

The first phase involves our Offensive Cyber Security Unit (OCSU) determining the logistics, scope, expectations, objectives, and goals of the services to be offered. This phase will also establish if we use a black, white, or gray box penetration testing method.

​Phase 2 - Surveillance and Reconnaissance

​This phase allows our team to gather detailed information about your organisation such as processes, information systems, applications, and technology utilised.

​Phase 3 - Mobilisation

​Once our team gains a complete understanding of the scope and components to be tested, the attack will be simulated in a controlled environment. This step is vital as the unit can determine where the limits of the test should end.

​Phase 4 – Execution

​The plan is now put into action. Our OSCU uses specialist methodologies and technologies to detect all types of vulnerabilities.

​Phase 5 – Reporting

​A comprehensive report including an executive summary will be complete. Our team will arrange a debrief with your executive and security teams.

​Phase 6 - Mitigation

​Recommended mitigation strategies and countermeasures will be thoroughly outlined for all exploits and vulnerabilities discovered.

​Phase 7 - On-Going Review

​A regular review schedule is implemented to review mitigations, countermeasures, and strategy. This ensures effectiveness of implementation, reveals arising vulnerabilities or concerns, and identifies opportunities for increased efficiency.

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