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Penetration Testing

Test your physical, information, and cyber security systems.

NSI Global Counter Intelligence’s cyber security professionals test the security of your computer and information systems, by identifying and exploiting weaknesses. We profile your organisation from the perspective of its most likely threats, analyse your business processes, the flow of data and the technology that supports your operations. This allows us to determine the flexibility of your environment to malicious attempts to penetrate your systems.


Penetration testing is a service which analyses the security of IT network systems and security protocols by identifying and exploiting any weaknesses present in your organisation by using techniques such as social engineering, external and internal penetration testing, remote access penetration tests, red-team exercises, and cyber threat and risk assessments.

Our range of Penetration Tests:
  • External penetration testing

Using a casual or focused approach of an attacker on the Internet with limited knowledge.

  • Internal penetration testing

Testing for potential penetration from disgruntled or careless employees or contractors with authorised access to the corporate network.

  • Remote Access penetration testing

Testing for potential penetration from casual or focused attackers from both known and unknown remote access entry points.

  • Mobile application penetration testing

Assessment of mobile devices and their applications and Mobile Device Management solutions to penetration by an attacker.

  • Social engineering testing

Testing using techniques such as tailgating, pretexting, phishing and baiting and the human factor involved in it.

  • Physical penetration testing

Using real-world trespassing techniques to test the physical security of a physical structure such as an office or building.

  • Red Teaming

We will test the full physical, cyber, and information security of your organisation mimicking a determined attacker that will attempt to use any possible way to gain access to your systems, data, or physical premises, using a mixture or all of the above methods.