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Are you being targeted by cyber criminals? Do you need to test your cyber defences?

Online security, cyber crime,mobile phone spying and espionage are the biggest threats to hit Australian businesses and government organisations.

We provide Cyber Security Consulting through a comprehensive range of services. Our solutions are designed and implement to reduce risks in strategic security consulting and policy.

We’ve been trusted through government departments. to assess systems, facilities, applications, mobile device management, wireless security, physical security and penetration testing, and more.


Our technologies can examine more than 30,000 different mobile phones so you can rest assured that your phone can be analysed without any problems.

Up to date tools

With the latest equipment and access to a number of forensic tools, we give you the best chances of recovering your data.


Trusted by law enforcement and government bodies, we provide legally admissable forensic reports.


Counterintelligence and Countermeasures

1. Information (INFOINT)
2. Signals (SIGINT)
3. Communication (COMINT)
4. Operational (OPINT)
6. Technical surveillance Counter Measures
7. Cyber (CYBINT)
8. Cellular Interception Detection


1. Due Diligence and Screening
2. Corporate Investigations
3. Workers Compensation Investigations
4. Insurance Investigations
5. Background Checks


1. Business Continuity
2. Information Risk
3. Operational Risk
4. Corporate Risk
5. Cyber Risk
6. Espionage Risk

Litigation Support

1. Digital Forensic Data Collection and Preservation
2. Advanced Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery)
3. Expert Witness Testimony

Digital Forensics and Incident Response for Government

NSI Advanced Technologies

Don’t run the risk with an inferior service.

So if you have recently deleted an SMS or picture; are trying to determine if an employee has sent documents to a third party using a company issued phone or computer; or have a pending court case, contact us to find out how we can help.

1300 000 NSI (647)

Secure your peace of mind