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Social Media and Cloud Forensics

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Are you involved in a pending court case in which cloud data is required?

A unique set of challenges presents itself with Social media and cloud storage of data. Social media evidence is quickly emerging as the new way in which data can be examined. The digital fingerprints that are left behind on the cloud allow our examiners the ability to explore, investigate and piece together data, including deleted data, from all types of social media and cloud storage mediums. Our social media and cloud forensic service provides data extraction capabilities in the event data has been totally wiped from a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or app.

NSI’s digital forensic experts collect social media and cloud storage data by adhering to strict privacy rights of individuals. Data transfer and privacy concerns add to the identification, preservation, and acquisition of data that is synonymous with the digital forensic process.

Some of these data sources require our intelligence analysts to collate the data manually and enter it into our proprietary link analysis hardware.

This service can be used to uncover and demonstrate links between previously unconnected people with the person of interest. Events of note are collated and presented in chronological order to clearly highlight links between individuals being investigated. All services are centered on the needs of our clients so as to achieve their best outcome.

Our digital forensic examiners are legally qualified and understand the complexities involved in legal cases. We provide fully detailed expert reports and affidavits with all legal forensic cases. We can also provide recorded video of the forensic process proving no tampering or manipulation of the data has taken place. Our services are not limited to the above so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

How NSI Can Help You:

  • Easily gather evidence.
  • Retrieve deleted digital evidence from Mobile Phones, Sim Cards, Hard Drives, USB, Memory Cards, Tablets, and Laptops.
  • Easily identify links between suspects and persons of interest.
  • Assign events to particular persons of interest in chronological order.
  • Easily search a client’s / suspect’s history for all references to a particular event or topic.

How Does The Unique NSI Cloud Analysis Methodology Compare To Other Available Offerings?

Yes, there are basic software suites that attempt to extract similar information. Unfortunately, all they do is leave you with collated data. It requires a highly trained and experienced examiner to get the most from the raw data.

Our forensically sound methods provide our clients with the best chances of recovering data located on social media and cloud storage, such as:
  • WhatsApp Backups;
  • WeChat;
  • Telegram;
  • Signal;
  • Viber;
  • iCloud and iCloud Backups;
  • Google (GMAIL, Drive);
  • Microsoft (OneDrive);
  • Huawei and Samsung Backups;
  • E-Mail (IMAP) Servers and more.
Also, various social media services are supported to include but not limited to:
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram,
  • Snapchat; and many more (see below).

Uncovering Suspect Activity and Finding the Links Between Individuals through:

Social Media

Cloud Storage

Open Source Intelligence

Human Source Intelligence

And Other Data Sources

We are able to extract, preserve and analyse data from the below sources as well as many others:
Google Drive
Cell Tower Data
GPS Data
Bank Statements
Toll Statements
Merging of entities

(i.e. if suspect has two or more phones or data sources)

Digital Forensic investigations

(mobile phone, computers, etc)

Open Source Intelligence

(online databases, forums, dark web, due diligence)

Human Source Intelligence

(collating of intelligence gathered in the field, utilising HUMINT methodologies)

Online and Offline news articles
Phone Bills
And many more.