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Investigation Advisory


Is an employee fraudulently claiming workers compensation? Have you had a theft occur at your business? Are you concerned about the welfare of a family member?

All businesses and individuals benefit from investigation services to uncover evidence that may be needed for legal purposes, or to decide on a merger or acquisition, or evidence needed to prove the welfare of a child in a family dispute.

Not investigating an issue may pose a major risk. Uncovering evidence that impacts your business operations and continuity or the future of your family will provide you peace of mind. NSI’s investigation services are taken on a case-by-case basis. We tailor each project to our client’s requirements.

Internal Investigations

NSI’s investigations division has dealt with many cases involving internal disputes and issues relating to intellectual property theft, counterfeiting and piracy, cyber security breaches, corporate fraud, and workers compensation investigations. Our qualified, licensed and insured investigators plan all investigations to be able to gather evidence quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Our Fraud Control investigation specialists gather intelligence for use in tribunals and courts. We work closely with legal counsel and law enforcement to help uncover evidence. Our specialists use interviewing techniques, identifying witnesses, conducting on-site investigations at a specific place of interest, analyse documents and provide mitigation strategies to prevent future fraudulent actors.

Investigations also include covert surveillance exercises to confirm the movements of an individual of interest. This is extremely useful in the event products are being diverted to a third party, or if services are done under the banner and guise of the client when in fact it is not.

Our services are available worldwide.