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BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE

In today’s high tech environment, communications are constantly at threat from enemies in the cyber shadows. These enemies have made it clear: the weakest link on mobile is voice. If you share confidential information using your smartphone or over conference calls, you need to be sure that your communications aren’t being tapped. That’s where SecuSUITE® for Government comes in.

BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE® for Government solution eliminates this vulnerability by arming workers with a certified encrypted voice and text solution. Available on iOS® and Android™, it connects calls quickly, keeps them secure, and ensures excellent voice quality. Staff can communicate securely over voice and text within their organization across all carriers and WiFi, whether at home or abroad – where the threat of interception is extremely high.

Major Benefits

  • Secure encrypted voice and messaging
  • Government grade performance and security
  • Cross platform solution for iOS & Android integrated with secure landlines
  • Superb voice quality
  • Easy deployment of self-containerised app


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SecuSUITE® for Government mobilises secure voice and text communications. It protects against threats to local and national security by enabling secure unclassified and classified mobile communications on conventional mobile devices.

SecuSUITE® for Government is a cross-platform solution for end-to-end encryption of voice and text messaging. With SecuSUITE® for Government, your voice and text communications are certified secure. Available on iOS® and Android™ devices, its calls connect quickly and provide excellent secure voice quality. It works globally, across barriers, and across all
carriers. Deployed securely on-premise (or hosted in a trusted offsite data center), it can be managed centrally, and end users can be enabled over the air.

Whether workers are stationed locally or abroad, SecuSUITE® for Government mobilizes secure voice and text communications to protect against threats to security at all levels; Unclassified, Sensitive but Unclassified, Secret and Top Secret communications. NSI Global are BlackBerry SecuSUITE® partners in APAC, the Middle East, and the UK.

SecuSUITE helps organisations comply with a complete range of regulatory requirements around call and message metadata. Using the solution, customers can configure the collection and export of this data to automatically address specific government and industry regulations.

  • Common Criteria Certification. The SecuSUITE app for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry® devices has been certified according to the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profiles (PP) for VOIP applications, SIP server and network devices.
  • NIAP Certification. SecuSUITE is an NIAP-certified voice solution that supports iOS and Android devices.
  • NATO Security Accredited for NATO Restricted. SecuSUITE is designed to meet the requirements of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s Restricted Communications solution through the NATO NCI Agency.
  • Approved by the CSfC Program under NSA specification. SecuSUITE is designed to meet the requirements of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified program.
  • Compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2). SecuSUITE meets the U.S. government’s computer security standard for cryptographic modules


Who is it for?

  • Government, Law Enforcement, and Businesses who have a need to communicate securely with groups of people.

SecuSuite Solutions

  • Tactical System – standalone devices, on field (5G/LTE/Wi-Fi/Satellite)
  • On Premises – Enterprise integration (PBX, CA, AD, Data Systems) certifications allow for its use to protect classified communications
  • Cloud Service – BlackBerry hosted tenant commercial environment
  • Minimum 1 year, renewed yearly

Encryption and Security

  • NIAP/NSA CSfC certified secure End-to-End Encryption
  • Cyrpto package approved to protect data through to Top Secret (TS)
  • Fully End-to-End encryption even for group calls. No MITM attacks possible.
  • Secure Landing – Foreign Intercept Protection
  • Private network uses can join only by administrative invite
  • No spam or identity spoofing
  • No third party access to or data mining of communications
  • Compliance with Federal Records Act, Presidential Records Act and NARA requirements


  • Over 18 Governments including Germany, USA, Canada, EU
  • Heads of State, Defence, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Law Enforcement
  • Industries: Oil, Mining, Gas, Consulting, Security, Defence Contractors, Telecommunications