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Risk Management Services

Counter Espionage, Digital Forensic, and Risk Management Specialists

NSI Global Counter Intelligence is a global leader in Counterintelligence and Geopolitical Risk. All areas of the globe are covered by our team of Specialist TSCM Investigators, Analysts, and In-field Agents. We identify, isolate, analyse, report, and counter, every threat and facet of risk faced by VIP’s, Multinationals, Industries, Law Enforcement, and Government Bodies. In today’s increasingly uncertain global political and business environments, NSI guides its clientele, safely informing their future. We offer world class Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and Digital Forensics along with a comprehensive suite of bespoke defensive security measures. We are highly regarded for TSCM Bug Sweeps Sydney and Digital Forensic Deleted Data Recovery and counter espionage solutions within Australia as well as internationally.

Our Counter Espionage, Digital Forensic, and Risk Management Services include:
  • Electronic bug sweeps and detection of listening devices.
  • Counter espionage consulting.
  • Digital Forensic Data Recovery.
  • Mobile Phone Forensics.
  • Recovery of deleted data eg. deleted SMS recovery.
  • Espionage risk assessment and management.
  • Geopolitical Risk Reporting.

Our research has indicated that incidences of corporate espionage are growing exponentially on a worldwide scale. We can assist you in securing and protecting your secrets by providing a countermeasures service that is second to none. Our trained countermeasures experts use the latest equipment, methods and technologies available. NSI provides services to Multinational Corporations and Government Departments that require our equipment and technologies to meet their exacting demands.

NSI also provides:

  • Live TSCM Meeting Monitoring and Security On and Off Site.
  • Analogue and digital phone system analysis.
  • Network and VoIP system analysis and sweeps.
  • Encrypted communications (Voice and SMS).
  • Strategic Global Intelligence (country specific intelligence briefings, travel advisory reports).
  • Corporate investigation service in conjunction with our TSCM service to investigate any suspected persons.