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Online security, cyber crime and mobile phone spying and espionage are the biggest threats to hit Australian businesses and government organisations. Companies should invest in cyber security counter measures as all sectors are at risk of data theft. This includes individuals.

NSI Global provides Cyber Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting and Advisory in Australia via a comprehensive range of services that have been specifically designed to help organisations examine their IT and Cyber Security risks and to design and implement solutions which reduce risks through strategic security consulting, policy and latest technology.

We utilise an approach to identifying and mitigating information risks in a unique way. By developing a tailored cyber risk deterrence strategy, we can help with the challenges cyber risks pose to your organisation.

Protecting your business’s data is imperative in this day and age, however, remaining vigilant and on top of cyber risks is a challenge. Partnering up with NSI will provide you with ground-breaking monitoring technologies, access to subject matter experts, and specialists that understand what it takes to secure an organisation and its data.

Cyber Services

Penetration Testing

NSI Global’s penetration testing (ethical hacking) service tests the security of your IT systems, by recognising and exploiting weaknesses.
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Red Team Penetration Testing

Red Team Penetration Testing involves NSI’s Cyber Security Unit putting themselves in the place of a real, motivated attacker, throwing away the rule books.
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Social Engineering Testing

By deliberately influencing an employee’s good intentions or their inquisitiveness, they then gain access into the computer systems and networks of the organisation.
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Wireless Security Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are vital for providing access to systems and data, but they also can also act as an entry point for cybercriminals. NSI Believes that the only way to ensure that your organisation is not exposed to wireless security risks is to perform regular penetration testing exercises.
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Web, Mobile App, Network, Wireless Security Penetration Testing

The NSI Cyber Security Unit performs web application, mobile application, and network penetration testing services to discover security vulnerabilities that may affect your business.
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Application Security Testing

Application security is able to be assessed by NSI’s Cyber Security Unit for both web (browser based) and non-web (client/server, command line, etc) based systems. Our team looks for any software defects, bugs and logic faults.
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Network Security Testing

Organisations that fail to implement a strong network security framework leave themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks.
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Remote Access Testing

A remote access assessment is a type of penetration test designed to identify and help comprehensively address security vulnerabilities that can result as a consequence of employees working outside of the office, either from a hotel, airport or at home.
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Governance, Risk and Compliance

NSI understands today’s heavily regulated landscape, organisations are under pressure to meet increasingly complex compliance requirements. We do this by assessing clients' policies and procedures including developing new policies and procedures, and create awareness and training programs.
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NSI’s Penetration Testing Methodology

The NSI Cyber Security Unit will utilise a multi-layered approach based on industry best practice (ISO27001 to ISO27005, DSD Essential 8, ACSC), when conducting physical and cyber penetration testing.

  • Phase 1 – Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
    • This phase is a detailed information gathering exercise about your organisation such as processes, information systems, technology utilised.
  • Phase 2 – Planning and Mobilisation
    • The intelligence gathered at Phase 1 will allow our team to plan the penetration test, with the highest threat/vulnerability being prioritised for testing.
  • Phase 3 – Execution
    • The plan is now put into action. Our highly trained and qualified penetration testing team uses specialist methodologies and technologies to detect all types of vulnerabilities.
  • Phase 4 – Reporting and Mitigation
    • A full report that includes an executive summary will be completed, with a debrief arranged with the executive and security teams. The reports will detail all vulnerabilities and exploits found and the recommended mitigations.

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