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Phone Data Recovery - Broken Android Data Recovery

  • Have you recently erased or lost files or family photos?
  • Do you need an SMS or other type of digital file recovered or for a pending court case?


Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Smartphones are an extension of ourselves. Our memories, our day-to-day activities, some of our most private conversations are conveniently stored and accessible from this device. Unfortunately, smartphones can be susceptible to data loss. Being exposed to various environmental factors, accidents, malware, and viruses can contribute to your mobile phone’s loss of data. Additionally, it will become vulnerable to data loss as the amount of data it stores increases due to frequent use.

Luckily, NSI makes use of a technology that helps recover lost and deleted data from your mobile phones. Our mobile phone data recovery experts have been successfully retrieving data from smart devices for 20 years. No matter how much physical damage your phone has endured—whether it has been fully submerged in water or dropped from a few feet high—our data recovery specialists may be able to restore your important files. We may be able to even recover data from a dead phone.

We can retrieve data from all types of smartphone operating systems:

  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) data recovery
  • Android data recovery
  • Windows phone data recovery
  • Blackberry data recovery

NSI provides forensic mobile phone data recovery services for all kinds of smartphones and tablets. What makes us distinct from our competitors is that we don’t use software tools to retrieve information. We use digital forensic tools that are trusted by different intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and government bodies around the world. Our technology can successfully analyse more than 30,000 makes and models. We also constantly update our systems and equipment to keep up with continuous technological advancements and new phone releases in the market. That’s how we’ve become a trusted partner of law enforcement and various agencies to perform forensic extractions for court cases.

We are Specialised in Providing Deleted Data Recovery For:

  • Data Recovery For Private Matters Incl. Critical Data
  • Data Recovery For All Types of Civil Matters
  • Data Recovery For Civil Courts
  • Data Recovery For Criminal Matters

Forensic Data Recovery For Mobile Devices

We follow a strict methodology that includes legal notices, a chain of custody, and a reporting system. Our lead digital forensic technicians are well-versed in the laws of evidence and case law. They will liaise with your lawyers and barristers and can stand as expert witnesses in court cases. Since we also have expertise in digital communications, cellular tower technology, and digital forensics, you can be assured that we’ll provide your legal team with complete reports that can be used in court.

NSI recovers deleted mobile device data in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Australia, or Worldwide. We are experts in Mobile phone data recovery and mobile phone forensics and we also service SSD data recovery. Having been in the digital data recovery and digital data forensics field for over 20 years, our mobile phone data recovery experts have helped recover deleted data for use in private matters through to complex legal cases. Our team is at hand to provide you with actionable intelligence to better prepare for your case or give you peace of mind knowing that your data has been recovered. When data breaches occur, organisations must act promptly. IT departments are usually the first point of call, however, they are inexperienced when it comes to the art of digital forensic analysis. Not handling the device correctly from the onset may cause additional damage to the data you are trying to recover.

Mobile phone memory is constantly changing and shifting. This causes data to be overwritten the more the phone/device is in use. Our team uses digital forensic tools used by intelligence agencies, government bodies, and law enforcement worldwide. We are trusted by law enforcement and numerous agencies to perform forensic extractions. Our examiners have government security clearances so our clients can rest assured that their data and devices are in the right hands.


Unlike others, we do not use software tools that claim to recover data. Our examiners live and breathe phones and mobile devices and understand how they work. We provide our services to many law enforcement and government bodies and are trusted by our clientele to provide legally admissible forensic reports. Our technologies can examine more than 30,000 different mobile phones so you can rest assured that your phone can be analysed without any problems.

We constantly update our equipment and always cater to all new phones in the market. We do not limit ourselves to one forensic tool. Our forensic examiners use a number of different forensic equipment to give you the best chances of recovering your data.

In need of forensic data recovery services in Canberra and Sydney? Let the best in the industry do it for you! Call NSI now!