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Live TSCM Meeting Monitoring

Teams available Worldwide, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Dubai

NSI Global Counter Intelligence offers advanced Real-Time Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring for protecting corporate and government sectors’ meetings and boardrooms, secured areas such as embassies, military establishments and prisons, and sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF). NSI has had the capability of detecting and monitoring frequencies above 40 GHz since 2008 and increased this ability to detect and monitor RF signals up to 90 GHz in 2017 after noticing an increase in threats being detected in unlicensed bands.

With the increase in usage of previously underutilised frequency ranges, such as 5G, our real-time spectrum monitoring and geolocation solution provide peace of mind. Our solution offers uninterrupted 24 hour 7 day a week Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring to prevent information being leaked, providing the highest level of security and privacy against signals of all types, including transient transmissions such as pulsing or short-burst devices.

Our Off-Site TSCM Monitoring service is monitored from our secure operations centre in Sydney and Canberra.

In such an event we will be alerted at our control centre in real-time and analyse whether the signal is a threat or not. We will then inform you or the security department immediately. We can then locate the transmitting device from our control centre and send in our professional TSCM team to extract the device. Our clients also receive a monthly report of all activities.

We are also able to conduct live technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps and security checks from multiple locations simultaneously via our On-Site TSCM Monitoring Service.

So if you are having a board meeting from multiple locations, we are able to secure the meetings and make sure they remain secure for the duration of the meeting. NSI is one of only a few that has this capability.