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NSI Strategic Global Intelligence®

Travel Risk Advisory | Intelligence Briefings

What is NSI’s Strategic Global Intelligence® service?

NSI’s STRATEGIC GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE® Division offers a unique ability for protection, prevention and risk management. Anticipating crises is what our team does best. We provide our clientele with the most sophisticated and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services. Our intelligence reports and briefings will assist you in taking proactive safety measures, making informed decisions in complex political, commercial, and regulatory environments, and most importantly help you ensure the security and safety of your most valuable assets.

Board level decision makers require timely and actionable intelligence they could rely on. Our team of intelligence analysts have provided intelligence briefings and in-depth reports for competitive tenders, strategic expansions, advice on entering new markets, country risk maps, and capital projects, just to name a few.

How we can help?

A game-changing event can happen at any time, anywhere. If you are operating from a volatile region, you have to be on alert and remain vigilant. This service provides near real-time strategic and tactical intelligence reports as incidents occur for your chosen region. Subscribers benefit from these reports allowing them to remain cognisant of major game-changers which could impact long term decision making. Intelligence is provided by in-field agents, and through Open Source Intelligence gathering.

We provide our clientele with near real-time alerts as they occur, daily summaries of events in a particular region, weekly regional intelligence summaries, and also an itinerary based monitoring service whereby our analysts keep a close eye on areas you are visiting in your travels and provide you with information ranging from traffic incidents, to civil unrest, to major attacks.

Our strategic global intelligence services include:
  • Country Specific Intelligence Briefings
  • Regional Intelligence Packages
  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts
  • Dynamic Mapping
  • Travel and Itinerary based monitoring reports
  • Daily strategic alerts for regions around the world
  • Full Evacuation Support
  • On-call 24/7 Global Command Centre
  • Executive/Personal Protection

The following provides more detail on several specific reports: