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Expert Witness Testimony

Litigation Support - Joint or Shadow Expert - Affidavits - Review Expert Reports

NSI Digital forensic experts have extensive experience providing litigation support to help clients win cases and mitigate losses. We specialise in investigatory matters, e-discovery, or information security incidents.

We have legally qualified digital forensic examiners and as such, treat all cases at a legal standard, meeting all regulatory requirements.

We use a forensically sound process for the extraction, analysis, preservation and reporting of data. We also follow a strict chain of custody guidelines.


We can author legally admissible reports, affidavits, technical reports, case analysis, and any expert reporting required to support your case. We have been involved in complex criminal cases, homicide matters, fraud and intellectual property theft, family law and child custody, local/state/federal government cases, and so on.

We can also serve as expert witnesses on almost any topic relating to digital forensics, counter intelligence, international security and transnational crime, risk mitigation and investigatory matters, including:
  • Expert evidence on the forensic soundness of extracted data performed in our lab
  • Expert evidence on the reliability of collection and reporting practices by opponents or a third party
  • Expert evidence on our own findings and forensic analysis
We can provide the following:
  • Single Joint Expert for both sides
  • Single (Court Appointed) Expert Services
  • Shadow Expert Services.
  • Expert Witness Affidavits.