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Encrypted Secure IP Desktop Phone

Provides Global Secure Communication with No Metadata

The NSI Secure Encrypted Desk Phones come with full source code available for independent review. Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors in the communications device that you entrust your security to. The NSI Secure Encrypted Desk Phones enable you to put the trust where it belongs – in a trustworthy, open and scientific verification process. NSI Secure Encrypted Desk Phones technology is based on well-researched algorithms for both encryption and voice processing. It features the strongest encryption available combined with key lengths that provide peace of mind today and in the future.

The NSI Secure Encrypted Desk Phone has the following features:
  • Strong Encryption – AES256 and Twofish – End to End Encryption
  • Device Protection – Encrypted Storage System
  • Interoperability – IP PBX Integration with Virtual Extensions
  • Option to communicate with selected IP mobile, satellite and fixed-line devices

Equipment for wireless interception of Voice over Internet Protocol systems (VoIP) has become available at such low prices that it is deployed frequently, even in comparatively small business conflicts. So using encryption to protect your privacy is a wise choice. If you conduct business that is of high sensitivity; in conflict zones or a high-security area, using secure communications such as an Encrypted phone is a must.

  • Secure Calls – Secure voice calls on any network IP network
  • Satellite Compatible – Compatible with Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals
  • End-to-End Encryption – Encryption key destroyed after each call