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Digital Forensic Data Collection and Preservation

Legally Qualified Digital Forensic Examiners

Electronically stored information often contains vital evidence that is ignored or not analysed or collected properly.

NSI Global Counter Intelligence has legally qualified digital forensic examiners that utilise equipment and state-of-the-art forensically sound methodologies that can collect and preserve data swiftly. Our teams can deploy within hours.

We have the ability to efficiently and quickly capture data from electronic storage mediums such as:
  • Mobile phones and devices
  • Computers and laptops
  • Servers (including email and network servers)
  • Network Access Storage and RAID setups

Collecting and preserving the data will provide our analysts with the ability to review and report on the data. All reports are cryptographically hashed to retain their integrity.

With NSI Global Counter Intelligence, you can rest assured knowing that our data collection and preservation professionals adhere to a strict digital forensic process and chain of evidence procedure throughout the project.