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Cyber Risk Advisory

Cyber Crime Consulting - Vulnerability Assessment - PCI Services - Website Compliance - Reputation Management

At NSI Global Counter Intelligence, we utilise an approach to identifying and mitigating information risks in a unique way. By developing a tailored cyber risk deterrence strategy, we can help with the challenges cyber risks pose to your organisation.

Protecting your businesses data is imperative in this day and age, however, remaining vigilant and on top of cyber risks is a challenge. Partnering up with NSI will provide you with ground-breaking monitoring technologies, access to subject matter experts, and specialists that understand what it takes to secure an organisation and its data

A cyber attack costs between $80,000 to $180,000 and takes an average of 23 days to resolve. (

Cyber Crime Consulting

When a Cyber breach occurs, NSI is called upon to provide the expertise and resources needed to investigate all types of cybercrimes, ranging from identity theft, hacking, spyware and ransomware, online fraud, and so on.

Our cyber specialists will investigate incidents by collecting evidence, assessing the evidence, providing a thorough report and implementing any recommendations. We work closely with your IT or Security departments to ensure seamless integration of our recommendations

Cyber Security Policy Strategy

Many organisations have cyber security policies in place to ensure they are compliant with laws pertaining to data security and cyber insurance policies. Yet some organisations do not have strong measures in their policies that safeguard any incidents that may occur, such as a ransomware attack, or theft of data by an employee, causing reputational damage.

Our specialists help clients develop a new policy or amend current policies, bringing them in line with international standards, cyberspace law and other governance strategies.

Protecting your businesses data is imperative today, however, remaining vigilant and on top of cyber risks is a challenge. Partnering up with NSI will provide you with ground-breaking monitoring technologies, access to subject matter experts, and specialists that understand what it takes to secure an organisation and its data.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know if your organisation’s network can be infiltrated by an attacker? Or if access can be gained via a social engineering attack?

Conducting a vulnerability assessment allows us to investigate ways in which an attacker could gain access to your internal systems. We assess the following systems:

  • Intranet
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Network
  • Mobile
  • Remote Access
  • Applications
  • Mobile Devices, and more.

Uncovering issues in any of the above will allow our specialists to formulate a mitigation strategy to implement as quickly as possible.

Website Compliance Assessment

Is your website secure? Have your website developers been screened? Does anyone else have access to your site? Your website is your shop front online. Just like securing your physical business, your online presence needs to be secured. If a hacker crashes your site by flooding it with requests (DDoS Attacks), or if an attacker suddenly gains access to your site and changes the content, this will cause irreparable damage to your brand and to your bottom line.

NSI’s experts can conduct a thorough assessment of your site and ensure it passes consumer protection regulations. We work closely with your developers where needed or independently. We also check that your privacy policies are current and in line with global privacy laws that are being introduced on a regular basis. Our management program will constantly check your sites and alert us to any issues that may arise.

Online Reputation Management

NSI has successfully help many of our clients and their reputations by removing offending, libellous, malicious, defamatory, compromising, and personal materials from the internet. We assess the whole internet (clear, deep and dark webs) through our Protective Identity Monitoring service.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Internet of Things (IoT) devices (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Home, etc) are making life easy and simple. A connected home and office is the future of technology. Unfortunately, IoT devices are also a gateway for attackers to gain access to your data and potentially a way to compromise the security of your physical home or office.

IoT devices do not come with a full security manual and as such, the lack of awareness when it comes to securing these products is allowing data to be stolen.

Our cyber security and digital forensic experts can help you securing your IoT devices and check what data could potentially be accessed by an attacker.

PCI Services

If you have a business that accepts, processes, stores or transmits payment card data, you must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The standards were created due to the increase of fraud and attacks so as to improve data security.

The standards also apply to businesses that use a third-party payment processing platform. NSI’s experts can assess and confirm your business complies to the standards. There are 12 PCI standards that must be met in order to be fully compliant. A qualified security assessor certified to provide PCI DSS compliance must only be used.

NSI is able to provide ongoing assessments on a quarterly and annual basis to ensure you always remain compliant. Our ongoing services include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and scanning, web application testing, and forensic investigations to determine the occurrence of data compromise.

Computer And Network Security

NSI’s experts are best placed to assess risks to computer systems and to apply countermeasures to mitigate these risks. We are able to examine security issues, conduct malware forensic analysis, provide advise on cryptographic technologies and encryption techniques, check firewalls, conduct wireless access point vulnerability tests, check remote access security, and more.