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Counter Espionage Security Risk Assessment Australia

World Wide - Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Dubai, Hong Kong

NSI Global Counter Intelligence are able to create, implement and conduct industry grade security and counter espionage risk reviews and assessments. We do this by conducting comprehensive site surveys and audits along with interviews with main management before any reports are finalised. By identifying, analysing and testing the threats we are then able to select the best way to deal with the threat.

Our counter espionage services include TSCM inspections, encrypted communications, cyber security reviews and risk assessments.

With our partners at Specialist Corporate Intelligence Agency, we are able to tailor make a Counter Espionage and TSCM program through SCIA’s Corporate Spy School™. These programs arm C-Level Executives and selected staff members with information on the latest threats, new devices and techniques used such as social engineering to gain access to a company’s intellectual property or trade secrets. Our reporting methodology is second to none, with thorough risk mitigation and recommendation strategies and advice.

NSI has conducted risk assessments for some of Australia’s top 100 companies, including 4 in the top 10 and has implemented strategies to manage the risks including regular security reviews, implementation of bug sweeps of corporate offices, social engineering and penetration testing and so on.

All assessments are conducted in compliance with the Australian Standards AS 4360 Risk Management and are tailored exclusively to each case.