Corporate TSCM Sweeps and Office Debugging

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What is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)?

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; also known as electronic bug detection, bug sweeping or surveillance counter measures; is the method of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, telephone systems, network systems and cabling for the existence of eavesdropping devices and to identify weaknesses in security that could potentially be used to install illegal devices.

How does a Corporate TSCM help your organisation?

Conducting a thorough TSCM inspection of your premises on a continued basis ensures your trade secrets, intellectual property, client information, and so on, remain safe. Corporate espionage happens every day, however, it goes undetected as companies do not make these breaches public, fearing this may affect stock prices or cause reputational damage.

The cost of Cybercrime and Corporate Espionage in Australia alone amounts to over $4.6 Billion per annum (AON). Worldwide this figure rises to over $445 Billion (CSIS). This is only what is reported.

However, this may change with the new Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) law regarding mandatory data breach notifications. Businesses now have a duty to ensure their information stays safe. This information not only relates to client data, but your company’s data also. It is now imperative that you put in place a program to ensure what you discuss in your company, stays in your company.


All NSI Bug Sweep Teams use equipment that is utilised by Intelligence agencies, Defence departments and governments worldwide.

The highly specialised equipment we use is also utilised by Intelligence Agencies throughout Australia and the world, such as the Department of Defence (DOD), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), among others.

NSI has committed over seven figures to constantly equip its teams with the highest spec equipment. With this equipment, we are able to detect the presence of active and passive bugging devices, digital burst/packet bugs, hidden camera setups, keystroke logging devices, telephone interception and wiretaps, laser microphones, infrared beams, and more.

All of our TSCM teams can currently scan up to 90 GHz in real time, more than any other TSCM provider in the country.

As a comparison, devices used by other companies in Australia will generally scan up to 12 GHz and only some companies will have a 24 GHz capability.

Beware anyone who tells you this is not necessary. They may be making excuses for not having the clearance, training, or budget necessary to purchase this highly specialised equipment. Worse yet they may be unaware or inexperienced with detecting the latest crop of 5G capable devices and threats in unlicensed bands up to 90 GHz.

At NSI, our international exposure has allowed us the opportunities to experience first hand these threats as they emerge and prepare our clientele with cutting edge countermeasures.

We analyse, detect and locate all types of transmitting devices including electromagnetic radiating devices, video, or data signals, including free to air transmissions and devices that utilise AC/DC power as a transmission source.

What is the Unique NSI Methodology?

What is unique to NSI is that we assess your ENTIRE working environment including the premises, the staff, your practices, your technology, and external threats.

After completing a full technical threat assessment, a bespoke security package is designed for your specific environment and circumstances. We uncover every vulnerability that rogue elements would exploit in order to steal from or damage you.

Part of this is your TSCM Bug Sweep which comprises of:
  • Physical search for hidden transmitters, microphones, and cameras.
  • Radio frequency spectrum analysis;
  • Non-Linear Junction Evaluation;
  • Thermal Emissions Analysis;
  • Telephone and network analysis;
  • VoIP system analysis;
  • Electronic inspection for covert video setups;
  • Carrier current analysis of AC outlets and cabling throughout the premises.

NSI also offers protection for high net worth individuals for special meetings and a monitoring service specifically for the detection of devices that occur in real time whilst, for example, an important meeting is taking place. Corporate, Industrial and Political Espionage is on the rise. Protect your assets and business secrets sooner rather than later. For ongoing security, enquire about our corporate plans.