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Cellular TSCM and Interception Detection

Cellular Tower Analysis - SS7 Interception Detection - IMSI Catcher Detection

Deployment of hostile base stations has become a common threat as costs and procurement hurdles have been continuously falling.

The equipment used for telecommunications interception of mobile phone calls and messages has become so cheap that it is used regularly even in minor business issues. Telecommunications interception has become a major industry. NSI Global Counter Intelligence can help with detection, localisation, alarming, and neutralisation of active attacks on mobile communications.

Using our state‐of‐the‐art equipment, we are able to conduct a cellular tower and SIM card analysis to detect any interception attempts and the use of IMSI catchers or the usage of Signaling System 7 (SS7) attacks.

Our Cellular Communications TSCM Service includes:

  • SIM Card Forensic Analysis
  • Digital Forensic Services
  • IMSI Catcher Detection and Direction Finding
  • Over the air attack detection
  • Detection of Interception via SS7
  • Detection of Baseband Processor Hostile Takeover
  • Detection of Denial of Service via Jamming