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Business Continuity

Crisis Management - Immediate Response Teams - Security Management - Social Risk Advisory

Business Continuity Plan  – All Set?

Many factors may affect business continuity, whether it is an uprising, a political movement, an election, mass staff defection, a natural disaster, the threat of war, shareholder revolt, and so on. Making your business ready and resilient for these factors is what we do best.

By highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in certain factors we can come up with ways to mitigate issues quickly and effectively.

Crisis Management and Immediate Response Teams

Reviewing your organisation’s systems and policies is key to find any vulnerabilities to current protocols and also confirm if systems and protocols are missing. We will guide you in identifying and managing risks that could cause issues to your operations, and ultimately, your reputation.

NSI’s crisis management team deals directly with security departments and boards to ensure all types of crises are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We will design and develop strategies and train staff where needed so that risks are mitigated fast.

Our Immediate Response Units are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We accept calls at any time weekdays or weekends on 1300 000 674 or +61 2 9045 1811

At NSI we understand that emergency scenarios demand immediate attention. We will work with you to fast-track your own internal approval processes to get operatives on site as quickly as possible.

NSI can provide multinational infield support for a range of urgent or emergency situations where a very fast response is required. Multiple teams can be deployed at short notice to numerous locations around the globe. Our services can be provided on land, at sea (yachts), or in the air (private jets). The entire range of NSI products and services can be implemented by each Immediate Response Unit.

NSI is THE leading multinational strategic security advisory firm. NSI offers the most comprehensive security advisory service for your entire organisation covering the physical structure, staff, processes, cyber security, capital equipment, intellectual property, external diligence, executive protection, and Strategic Global Intelligence.

Operational Security Management

Managing operational security issues is important in any business situation. With many multinational corporations opening in high-risk environments, the need for cost-effective operational risk management solutions increases. The assessment of risks, actual threats, and the ability of competitors to impact business operations are vital in the development of an operational security management plan.

NSI’s operational security management plans entail a deep understanding of the social, political, economic, and security concerns of a particular environment.

Social Risk Advisory

Businesses and their operations are usually impacted by the social fabric in which they are in. Factors such as the political outlook, environmental and social risks, security risk, and so on have an impact on businesses and their employees. Through our intelligence analysts, we help our clients understand the risks they may face in a particular environment.

We can provide social intelligence reports that include in-depth assessments of all factors that may affect business operations and continuity. We also provide forecasts and trend-based assessments. Our analysts obtain intelligence from the ground using human source intelligence and open-source intelligence gathering.