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NSI’s GLOBALINTELLIGENCE® Advisory provides our clientele with the most sophisticated and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services. Conducting new business overseas is challenging for many organisations especially when you are unfamiliar with local protocols and legislation. When faced with the decision to either implement a regular travel itinerary to said country, or establish an entirely new satellite office, NSI can help you make sense of all the variables. We provide near real-time intelligence and can set up our clients with live messaging and voice chats through their mobile device.

NSI can provide in-depth country analysis and forecasts, and advise on all aspects of geopolitical and travel risks with near real-time intelligence briefings and reports. Reports will cover security, politics, ethnic and religious unrest, environmental incidents, as well as financial outlooks. Whether you are looking to periodically conduct business or do so on a long-term basis, NSI can advise you accordingly.

Is your business at risk?

Operating in volatile regions requires you to be vigilant.

In today’s high risk world, security risks regularly arise suddenly. Working in high risk regions requires you to understand a lot about the threat landscape. Reliance on mainstream news will not provide you with actionable intelligence. The more turbulent the region you are operating in, the more you have to be on alert.

Having intelligence that is not only on time, but specific, reliable, and actionable is needed to enable you to respond as quick as possible.


How can we help?

Using our GLOBALINTELLIGENCE® Advisory program allows our clients to gain the intelligence they need to make informed decisions in political, commercial, and regulatory environments. Senior decision makers rely on comprehensive and detailed geopolitical risk intelligence to mitigate risks that may affect their business operations, reputation, and fiscal outlook.  Our global reach of analysts and on-ground contacts in some of the most volatile areas in the world, allows our clients to get the most up-to-date intelligence that may affect their business continuity, or the personal safety of executives, employees, and their families.

NSI’s analysts identify key political drivers, analyse global trends and risks that affect privacy, security, and business continuity for our clientele. We utilise seasoned in-field operatives who provide our clientele with timely, relevant and customised intelligence briefings.

Key Services
  • Country Specific Intelligence Briefings
  • Regional Intelligence Subscription Packages
  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts (near real-time updates)
  • Intelligence Alerts and Dynamic Mapping
  • Intelligence Analysis (political, religious, militant trends)
  • Daily strategic alerts for regions around the world (including Asia, Middle East North Africa)
  • Travel and Itinerary Based Monitoring Reports
  • Contingency Planning and Full Evacuation Support
  • On-call 24/7 Global Command Centre
  • Forecasts based on political, security, cyber, environmental, religious, ethnic and geopolitical issues