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Due Diligence and Screening


Is your organisation about to enter a new market? Do you comply with AML legislation? Do you know who you are hiring?

Our Due Diligence and Screening services provide our clientele with intelligence to help them make informed decisions. NSI is able to conduct due diligence checks on individuals and entities throughout the world, including regions that are used as International Business Company, or offshore company.

We are also able to locate missing debtors and persons of interests. Due diligence and screening services are extremely useful when entering a new market, opening a new business, setting up your current business in a hostile region and so on. Our Due Diligence and Screening services are below.

Investigative Due Diligence

Making informed business decisions is what we help our clients do best. Our specialists perform due diligence investigations to alert our clients to any potential risks, adverse actions, disclosure issues, and points that could cause negotiations problems.

Having dealt with clients in all industries including family offices, hedge funds, private equity firms, charitable foundations, and corporate risk firms, we have been able to provide intelligence in a timely manner, each tailored for our clients’ specific needs. We review and analyse public records and government databases from around the world.

AML Compliance Due Diligence

Are you concerned about who you will be doing business with or the type of customer you are dealing with? NSI Global Counter Intelligence utilises its global expertise and investigations know-how, along with its global access to governmental databases, to screen customers and entities.

We check for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Organised Crime Registries and watch and sanctions lists worldwide. Our human source intelligence experts can also conduct investigations to uncover previously hidden information on individuals and entities.

We can assist in all types of due diligence checks, ranging from mergers and acquisitions, high-stakes project, business transaction, and assist the financial sector in their AML/CTF/KYC obligations.

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

Our business investigation experts can provide pre-transaction intelligence for a competitive advantage in future business deals. Due diligence checks assist by solidifying a potential business transaction so as to provide enough time to make decisions or to implement strategies to prevent issues arising. This service assist in mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings.

Our pre-transaction services include:

  • Due diligence checks on individuals and entities
  • Background and probity checks
  • Adverse actions checks
  • Public record checks
  • Business advisory

This service works in line with our corporate investigation’s services.

Market Entry Due Diligence

Our business intelligence specialists have a deep understanding of how businesses traverse the challenges of operating in different markets and countries. Using our investigative expertise and business knowledge, we help our clients recognise opportunities and risks posed to them when beginning to operate in a new market or industry in a specific country.

We help formulate an operational and strategic plan that you can implement that will assist you in dealing with challenges head on.

Our specialists can also help organisations when they are looking at entering a new region by advising them on risks posed in specific areas of a region, conducting a thorough business risk assessment, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in markets, advising on the political, regulatory and economic trends, and finally assigning a operational risk value. This will provide you with intelligence to make an informed decision.