Recover your Data with Digital Forensics

  • Have you accidentally deleted really
    important documents or files?
  • Are you trying to recover old, or lost
    photos of any loved ones?
  • Do you need data for use in court or
    legal proceedings?

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Australia’s leading & best equipped digital forensic lab, specialists in
recovering data for a range of clients, including home users and businesses, as
well as government agencies and law enforcement departments.

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Recover your Data with Digital Forensics





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Digital Forensic Specialists &
Legally Qualified Forensic Examiners
Industry-leading levels of service and unmatched success rates
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Full Reports and Legal Affidavits Can Be Provided Court
Extensive knowledge of all media formats & operating systems
Australia’s best-equipped digital
forensics lab
Competitive pricing
Free assessment for interstate
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NSI Global Counter Intelligence
are experts in forensic

With over 20 years industry experience, we have
extensive knowledge of how technology has
developed, giving us a profound understanding
of, and experience with the right data recovery
techniques for hardware and software.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I use data recovery software?

We highly recommended you do not attempt to use data recovery software on your own. Data recovery software is available all over the web and many claim to be able to recover your deleted data. Some do, however, in most instances they are recovering very recently deleted data. Most will require you to connect your phone to a computer and to update the phone’s software. Doing this WILL overwrite the data you are trying to retrieve.

Does my phone need to be rooted/jailbroken?

No, your phone does not have to be rooted or jailbroken. We use digital forensic equipment that is used by law enforcement and follow a strict digital forensic process in recovering your data. This means that we do not have to root or jailbreak your device. Please do not attempt to do so either as doing so will potentially wipe your phone.

I don’t want to send my phone. Can you recover the data remotely?

Unfortunately, no. Your phone must connect to our digital forensic hardware in order to extract data from the memory. We then use the extracted data to piece the deleted data back together. We do not need the SIM card in the device, just the phone itself

Can you check if my phone has spyware on it or is bugged?

Yes we can. We are able to detect any spyware or malware that is embedded within the phone or its firmware. We can also check if your phone is being intercepted. Interception allows an attacker to listen to your calls, read your messages, and control your whole device without leaving a trace. We have specialist equipment that can detect interception attempts.

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