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Is Your Phone Safe? Uncover the Hidden Threats with Spyware Forensic Detection!

Mobile phones face a growing spyware threat, risking personal and professional data. Trust NSI Global, a leading expert in digital forensic evidence, to detect and combat spyware, securing your digital world.

  • Protect Your Privacy: Detect and Remove Spyware with Expert Forensic Analysis.

  • Don’t Be a Victim: Defend Yourself Against Mobile Spyware with NSI Global’s Expertise.

  • Is Your Phone Compromised? Ensure Peace of Mind with Thorough Spyware Detection.

  • Regain Control of Your Privacy: Empowering You with Spyware Forensic Analysis.

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Why NSI Global?


Australia’s leaders in interception detection and spyware forensic services, eavesdropping detection & bug sweeping.


NSI Global is trusted by major clients include Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, IT Companies, Banks, Law Firms and Multinational Corporations.

Global Reach

Our services are available across Australia and the globe, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Best-Equipped Lab

Our state-of-the-art digital forensics lab is the best in Australia, providing accurate and reliable results.


Experience You Can Count On – With over two decades of experience, we are the leading digital forensic specialists you can trust.


Restricted access, state-of-the-art technical surveillance countermeasures, digital forensic and interception detection equipment as used by Defence Departments Worldwide.

Trust NSI Global's Specialist Digital Forensic Services Over High-Risk General Data Recovery & Detection Software

If data has been deleted from your device as a result of spyware or malware, do not use general data recovery software. For the best possible chance of retrieving your data, it is critical you use our advanced and secure services.

Critical Information To Consider For Crucial Data

Your Private Data Is At Risk to Spyware & Malware

Mobile Phone Spyware

Communication through GSM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facetime, Duo, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Instagram, Tinder and more can be recorded and intercepted.


Messages sent through text, iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facetime, Duo, Telegram, Signal, QQ, WeChat, Instagram, Tinder and more can be recorded and intercepted by spyware for mobile phones.

Online Banking

Spyware and malware can access your banking passwords and two-factor authentication. It can also remote access your accounts and transfer funds from your accounts.

24 Hour Location Tracking

Your movements can be tracked and displayed on maps with timestamps and GPS, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze. They may use cell towers and geo-fencing to achieve this.

Remotely Controled Device

With access to your device through spyware or malware, attackers can remotely delete any data, upload incriminating files, uninstall and deactivate software, activate microphone and camera recording, disable security settings, and more.

Access General Device Data

As well as controlling your device, attackers can access your device’s address book, call logs, photos, videos, audio, installed applications, network connections, browser activity, passwords and more.

Ready To Regain Your Privacy?

  • Safeguard Your Personal and Professional Data – Experience the Power of Spyware Forensic Detection.

  • Two Decades of Excellence in Spyware Forensic Detection – Your Safety is Our Priority.

  • Comprehensive Spyware Forensic Services Backed by Proven Courtroom Success.

  • Expert Insights to Secure Your Digital Life – Choose NSI Global for Peace of Mind.

If you suspect there may be spyware on your phone and your privacy is being breached, contact us from a safe location away from the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What reasons are people targeted by spyware?

Common reasons include victims of domestic violence, child custody, divoce and family court proceedings, stalking and harassment, blackmail and extortion, or work related activity such as journalists, whistleblowers and more.

Can spyware be installed remotely?

Yes. It can be installed remotely. Someone could send you an email with an attachment, or a picture message or link. Once this is clicked on, your device is infected.

I have an iPhone, they are safe, aren't they?

Apple iPhones are very secure, however they are not immune to spyware. Spyware can still infect Apple devices and allow an attacker access to the device.

What type of data can spyware access?

Spyware can access everything on your device, such as SMS text messages, phone book, social media and app data, call history, images, videos and audio and much more. It can also allow an attacker to send and delete data on your behalf.

Can NSI provide evidence for court or the Police?

We sure can. We have legally qualified digital forensic specialists that understand the legal process and can provide you legally admissible reports and act as an expert witness should the need arise.

Is spyware illegal?

Yes it is. It is a breach of the Surveillance Devices Act, the Privacy Act, and the Telecommunications Interception Act, thus making it a federal offence.

I am concerned my office and car may be bugged. Can you help?

Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures specialists can check homes and also conduct bug sweeps on offices and vehicles.

Do I need to send my phone to you?

Yes. Digital Forensics is a specialised service that requires your phone to be connected to our forensic tools in our lab. We are able to check online and cloud accounts and backups, however, the phone itself will provide the best amount of data.

Don’t Leave Mobile Phone Spyware Detection to Amateurs

Trusting an improperly trained or inexperienced malware investigator to handle spyware or malware can be just as dangerous as the software itself. When you are looking to detect and counter mobile phone spyware in Australia and across the world, you need the experts.

At NSI Global, our international standing means we have experienced first-hand the latest surveillance threats as they emerge. We have then been able to protect our clientele with cutting-edge countermeasures.

If you suspect your devices or premises have been compromised, contact us immediately! However, please leave the suspected device behind and call from an associate’s device outside of the area of concern to prevent further communications being compromised.

Where possible, we can arrange an appointment for a confidential discussion at our radio-shielded, secure office in Sydney’s Olympic Park. We have 24-hour surveillance and have ensured that our property is fortified against bugging technology to secure your privacy.


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