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Private Investigator for Business and Corporate Investigations

Sydney, Canberra, and International

We help identify & trace potential witnesses or individuals that owe you money.
We help prove breaches of intellectual property rights.
We help prove if an employee is fraudulently claiming workers compensation.
We determine if you are hiring the right person.

NSI Global Counter Intelligence is the Nation’s Largest and Longest Standing Counter Intelligence Advisory Firm and has been providing Private and Corporate Investigations for the past 2 decades. We have been entrusted to conduct sophisticated investigations for many of the world’s oldest and largest firms. As a result of years of ongoing success, NSI has established bases in Sydney, Canberra, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Our continued growth has resulted in economies of scale that allow NSI to provide competitive pricing while maintaining industry leading levels of service and unmatched success rates.

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How can NSI help you?

Our government licensed specialists will formulate a plan with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We work with you throughout the entire investigation keeping you informed of every development.

In addition to Corporate Investigations, NSI specialises in Counter Intelligence. When engaging NSI, you can rest assured that you are receiving advice and guidance from specialists that operate several levels above any other typical Private Investigation firm in the nation.

NSI provides the following corporate investigation services in Sydney:

  • Gather evidence for litigation.
  • Conduct Surveillance Investigations.
  • Workers Compensation Investigations Sydney.
  • Conduct Business, Merchandise and Employee Investigations.
  • Corporate Fraud Investigators Sydney.
  • Insurance, Personal Injury and Public Liability Investigations.
  • Council and Environmental Compliance Investigations.
  • Corporate Investigations Sydney.
  • Workplace Theft Investigations Parramatta.
  • Locating Debtors, and Information.

Additionally, our experts specialise in the following areas and may offer one or more of these services to help your case:

  • Digital forensics – for the recovery of deleted data from a mobile phone.
  • TSCM bug sweeps – for the detection of hidden GPS tracking, listening devices, or hidden camera devices.
  • Background checks and Pre-Employment Screening – to find out if the person or entity you are doing business with are really who they say they are.


Our Best In Class Process

We have developed THE Most Comprehensive and Technologically Advanced Private Investigation Process. Due to our longstanding history and hard earned reputation in the industry, we have developed strategic proprietary processes and alliances of the highest caliber.

This broadens our capability to conduct investigations on a global scale. Recently completed assignments have seen us carry out investigations, across Australia, in the United States, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.

  • Phase 1 – Secure Location Interviews
  • Phase 2 – Situational Mapping and Detailed Agent Debrief
  • Phase 3 – Investigation Commencement
  • Phase 4 – Situational Adaptation
  • Phase 5 – Evidence Timeline Compilation
  • Phase 6 – Comprehensive Investigation Report and Client Recommendations
  • Phase 7 – Expert Witness Testimony
Unlike others, we do not meet in cafes or side streets, but in our secure office location which is under 24hr surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology and long range laser microphones.

Do not take the risk involving inexperienced and unsophisticated operators with your case. In many cases, more damage than good can be done.

We invite you to make an appointment for a confidential discussion at either of our secure, radio shielded facilities in Parramatta, or in the Canberra CBD.

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