Why Background Checks are Important for Corporations?

Background checks are important to make sure that the person you’ll hire is trustworthy.  No matter how fine he or she looks and acts, you still don’t know his or her background.  This article will talk about the reasons why background checks are crucial, and why it is wise to hire a private investigator for corporate hiring processes.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, fifty per cent of people who fill out a resume and application form provide false information.[1]  They supply false information to hide their history, to make themselves look better and to fool corporations that they are a more desirable employee than their competitors.

Background Checks Can Lessen Workplace Crimes

In the United States, thirty-three per cent of business failures are caused by employee theft, and workplace violence is responsible for eighteen per cent of violent crimes.  These employees appeared to possess all of the qualifications and personality traits deemed necessary to do well in the workplace.  These are large percentages that shouldn’t be ignored when researching the benefits of background checks.  A background check can help pinpoint problems before applicants are hired.

Background Checks Can Avoid Education Credential Dishonesty

The amount of people who lie about their education makes up a large portion of the statistics above.  A candidate who does this is desperate to get a job, so lying about their education credentials is their solution. If hired, this is a problem because the dishonest employee is not competent for the job.

This means the employee needs extensive on-the-job training to make up for the lack of formal education training.  A background check helps identify potential issues with education by contacting the schools mentioned to verify if the candidate did attend there, and how his or her performance was.

Background Checks Can Boost Productivity

Safety in the workplace not only keeps violence to a minimum, but it makes employees feel safer.  Employees who don’t worry about their safety while on the job have less stress, thus making them more productive.

Background Checks Can Protect Against Corporate Espionage

Employees handle sensitive information such as financial information, physical asset information, or just valuable market information, and they should be protected from harm.  Background checks can also help safeguard a company against corporate espionage.  This may sound extreme, but it happens to corporations all over the world.

There are many different forms of background checks available for corporations to use in order to screen any applicant.  Having a third party corporate private investigation firm step in to conduct all of the necessary background research for you is ideal.  They are professionals who specialise in making sure the applicant is genuine.

NSI Global Counter Intelligence can help you with your investigation and background checking needs. We specialise in conducting probity checks for government and multinational organisations and help with due diligence checks both domestically and internationally. Our investigations are highly trained professionals with the necessary experience and licensing. Our goal is to ensure the candidate you pick, or the business deal you make is right for your business. Contact us for a quote.


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