Spyware and Hi-Tech bugs are being used by abusive and controlling partners to stalk and terrorise their partners

A recent article in The Scottish Sun highlights how a paranoid IT expert was able to listen, monitor, and track his wife after he grew suspicious of her and accused her of cheating online. He used listening devices in his wife’s vehicle and admitted placing hidden cameras in their spare room and lounge. He even posted on Instagram happily stating “the truth always comes out. #GPSTracker”.

“I am feeling betrayed, confused and fearing that I will never be able to trust a man again. I would like to understand why someone would do such a thing. I spent days looking for other bugs in the house, changing login details, not allowing any access to my location”.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to find bugs. In an article we wrote in 2019 (click here to read the article), we detailed the questions our clients ask themselves when they are in controlling and abusive relationships and the places many bugs are found in a home.

The article from the UK Sun goes on to state Mrs. Hutton told one untruth when she was supposed to be going to London for work but instead went to Cheshire.

Ashley Hutton is now facing gaol time.

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