Mobile phone users at risk of being Bugged, Hacked and Tracked

By: Claude Khoury

NSI consulted with Ross Coulthard of 60 Minutes on this Special Investigation back in 2015.

Currently, every commonly available mobile phone on Earth is vulnerable to a Signalling Standard 7 (SS7) attack which allows complete covert access to your phone. The below video is from the 60 Minutes special investigation. If this equipment is in the wrong hands, it shows just how easy it is to be able to monitor a mobile device.

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An SS7 attack would allow the following to occur:

  • ALL communications to and from your phone can be intercepted.
  • Your camera and microphone can be remotely activated and used as a listening or recording device.
  • Your phone can be GPS tracked 24hrs a day.
  • All text messages can be viewed and remotely deleted.
  • All saved passwords including those for banking apps are viewable.
  • None of this access leaves a trace on your standard device.

This story is a couple of years old. Advancements in technology are constantly being made, especially since the story aired in 2015. As we all know COVERT TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT STAND STILL.

If you are concerned about your, your family’s, or your organisation’s privacy, you must watch this special report.

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