Intensified IS Activity and Attacks in Al-Hol Camp, Syria

Recently, there has been an escalation in militant activity in the Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria, manifested in several ways – an increase in weapons seized from Islamic State operatives in the camp, an increase in armed confrontations between IS militants and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF,) and attacks against the latter by the former. The number of weapons seized in raids in the camp increased notably in August and September 2022, and PBIEDs known to be used by IS in Syria and Iraq were recovered on several different occasions in the camp.

An even more significant escalation occurred on September 20, 2022, when IS carried out an SVBIED attack against SDF forces, with additional SVBIEDs later located and neutralized. According to the latest developments, the Al-Hol camp, due to its great complexity, is a security challenge not only for Syria, Iraq and other countries whose refugees reside there, but mainly for the SDF, which is entrusted with management of the camp and thus has a physical presence there.

A full report containing photographs and detailed threat analysis of these SVBIED’s, VBIED’s, and PBIED’s, is available for official use only to approved government, defence, and law enforcement bodies.

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