Dangerous UXO from Armed UAVs and Improvised Loitering Munitions in Ukraine

In the course of the Russia-Ukraine war, we have witnessed the widespread use of various types of unmanned aerial vehicles for attack purposes, by both sides. Although the Russians mainly use standard military UAS, including those manufactured by Iran, on the Ukrainian side, unmanned aerial vehicle attacks have mostly been carried out using weaponized civilian drones.

On February 25, 2023, videos documenting the seizure of “bombs” made by the Ukrainian Army were shared in a private chat on a Telegram channel associated with the Russian Army. These are actually IEDs in a standard ammunition item configuration. According to the speaker in the video, these IEDs are intended to be released from various UAVs.

The IEDs are actually fully improvised, and are not bomblets sourced from standard ammunition converted for use as ammunition for armed UAVs. The improvised bomblets comprise a metal cylinder, on one side of which, a conical metal cover is attached by means of hot glue and rivets, and on the other side, a smooth metallic cover, to which an improvised stabilization tail is attached.

A detailed debrief can be arranged with the actual infield intelligence gathering operatives that authored this report. We will provide photos and detailed explanations of technical assessments as well as a comprehensive threat analysis of these Weaponized UAV’s and IED’s. Our specialist operatives will also answer direct questions from approved attendees. This debrief is available for Official Use Only to vetted government, defence, and law enforcement bodies.

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