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USB Data Blocker


Have you ever been tempted to charge your phone in a public place or hotel because it is running low on power? You may be compromising your privacy and security by plugging it into a publicly accessible charger. This form of attack is known as “juice jacking”. It uses the data connectors in most USB cables to modify or copy files, or install spyware or malware, without the user realising it.

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Using a USB Data Blocker will prevent any data being copied to your device or sent from your device. The USB Data Blockers come in USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, providing you lightening fast charging capabilities. You are able to plug the USB Data Blocker into any USB port in a public place, store, airport, hotel and so on, and be certain that it will only charge your device. All NSI USB Data Blockers have been forensically tested as part of our Quality Control Procedures prior to shipping.