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Tosibox and NSI – Military Grade VPN

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Tosibox was developed from the idea that having a secure remote access facility, or secure virtual private network (VPN) did not have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming to set up. Made in Finland, Tosibox’s lock and key system allows anyone with a basic understanding of computers to achieve what normally takes IT professionals hours, if not days. All you need to do is plug and go and you can have access to your network securely from anywhere in the world. Now you can have a highly encrypted “military grade” connection to your network. National Surveillance and Intelligence is proud to announce that we are now an official dealer for Tosibox in Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines, and the United States of America. Tosibox is extremely easy to use, provides a high level of encryption and has a low initial cost with no ongoing fees. Once installed, you, as the network administrator, have total control over who has access as the only way into the network will be with the Tosibox encrypted USB key. These keys can be granted limited user rights.

Some examples of the Tosibox in use include: Offices – An employee is able to access the company design software over the internet or access sensitive files; Industry – A company has a Tosibox lock connected in a service location. This will allow the control and maintenance of the production line to be done via the internet, from any location; and your Home – Be able to control and supervise internet connected devices in the home such as the air conditioning, alarms and security cameras.

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