VoIP Telecommunications TSCM Sweep

Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Australia and Worldwide

NSI Global Counter Intelligence’s VoIP Telecommunications TSCM Sweep service uses the world’s most advanced telephone and line analysis equipment and methods that are capable of analysing, inspecting and testing digital, analogue and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines and other wiring for taps, bugs, interceptions and other eavesdropping devices.

Threats to communications include telephones (analogue, digital and VoIP), speaker phones, printing equipment, teleconferencing equipment (voice and video), telecommunications and network rooms, wiring and audio/visual racks can all be used to eavesdrop. We can rapidly and reliably detect and locate illegal eavesdropping devices and security vulnerabilities on both digital and analogue phone systems.

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems present a new form of security risk to communications in the corporate environment. We can now test internet protocol (IP) packet traffic on VoIP phones and systems. VoIP data collected by the TALAN software includes Source and Destination Mac Addresses; header type; statistics – total packets; packet rate; peak rate and run time.

We can conduct several types of telephone line tests including common tests such as voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance tests, as well as NEW technology such as line Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD), Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR), and Digital Demodulation (DMM) into a single piece of equipment.