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Threat Management and Vulnerability Assessments

Looking at risks from every direction is what we do best. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are part of our 5-pillar risk strategy review process. At NSI, we understand that threats arise in business environments. Our specialists can manage all types of threats. We probe why a particular threat has occurred, why an individual or organisation is being targeted, etc. We then investigate the threat itself and assess the current security protocols.

We assess your current business operations based on our 5 risk categories, speak to department heads, then provide a full report with recommendations to mitigate and plug breaches, potential threats and vulnerabilities. If there is a threat to the safety and security of staff, family, and the public, we are able to implement protection measures. Once our investigation and assessment of protocols is completed, we formulate a plan of action.

Our tried and tested methodologies perfected over 20 years are utilised.

Security Audits and Planning

Do you currently have a security plan in place or are in need of a review of your plan? Is your business scaling fast and is now in need of a security audit and plan? NSI’s specialists are able to assist you in designing, developing and planning your corporate security plan. We can also review and audit your current policies and procedures. Conducting a review will provide you with ample evidence about how effective your current practices are.

This will also help in plugging any gaps and allow our experts to provide recommendations to implement. Our risk review will score your organisation against our 5-pillar risk strategy, looking at everything that is related to your operations, from employees to external stakeholders, to physical and cybersecurity, to information protection policies and potential eavesdropping risks.

Security Policy and Procedure Development

After conducting an audit or reviewing your current planning and procedures, our experts develop an iron clad security policy and procedure standard for your organisation. This will include real world scenario examples and how to mitigate them.

As part of your new policy, we also put in place a regular review program for your organisation to ensure all items in the new security policy are being followed.

Information Security

In this day and age, information security threats are becoming more sophisticated. Securing data and information is a must. Information may be leaked in several ways, including:

  • Employees
  • Competitors
  • Hackers
  • IT systems
  • Cellular communications
  • Electronic bugs

Cyber security is very important however it is not the only thing required to secure your information. Insider and competitor threats are the concern. An attacker will use every means possible to gain the information they need. Our experts specialise in a variety of risk mitigation solutions through our 5-pillar risk strategy.

Our experts assess your entire business operations and detect vulnerabilities that may cause an information security incident. Our InfoSec incident response division responds breaches fast and assess whether the incident is a one-off or a crisis. We apply a 3 step InfoSec incident response plan that deals with the initial call, the collection and management of the crisis, and the restoration of business operations. Our goal is to ensure business continuity.