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Technical Security Consulting and Project Management

Australia and Worldwide Advisory Services

What is a technical security consultant?

Like a doctor or a lawyer, a security consultant has the training and experience in their relevant field that makes them uniquely qualified to act as a professional security advisor. Operating at this level, skills such as project management, interviewing, research, report writing, and presentation skills, just to name a few, are required. A technical security consultant provides advice relating to physical and electronic security systems and vulnerabilities associated with them. Security consultants also ensure that there are no conflicts of interest, which means that consultants should not be employed by, or affiliated with, companies that manufacture, sell, or install security-related products, or have a financial stake in companies that do so.

At NSI Global Counter Intelligence, managing our clients’ security risk is reliant upon having the understanding and knowledge of the threats that are current and threats that may present themselves in the future. NSI’s technical security division has specialist consultants and project managers that provide expert advice for the corporate and government sectors and high net-worth individuals. All our consultants and project managers are licensed and insured and operate with discretion and confidentiality and the service is offered throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

How we can help
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; also known as electronic bug detection, bug sweeping or surveillance countermeasures; is the method of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, homes, vehicles, telephone systems, network systems and cabling for the existence of eavesdropping devices and to identify weaknesses in security that could potentially be used to install illegal devices. This service is available for regular/scheduled TSCM sweeps, ad-hoc TSCM sweeps, and live monitoring (both on and off-site).

  • Counter-Espionage Consulting

NSI Global Counter Intelligence are able to create, implement and conduct industry-grade security and counter-espionage risk reviews and assessments. We do this by conducting comprehensive site surveys and audits along with interviews with main management before any reports are finalised. By identifying, analysing and testing the threats we are then able to select the best way to deal with the threat.

  • Physical Security Advisory

Our technical security consultants can advise on architectural, design, and construction of commercial and residential sites during all phases from initial design to construction, negotiation and contracts. Our advisory service provides information on security-related issues related to planning, design and layout, secure communications, physical structure design, CCTV surveillance, assessment of ingress and egress points, alarm, safe rooms, and anything related to business continuity.

  • Cyber Security Consulting

NSI Global Counter Intelligence provides Cyber Security Consulting in Australia via a comprehensive range of services that have been specifically designed to help organisations examine their IT and Cyber Security risks and to design and implement solutions which reduce risks through strategic security consulting, policy and latest technology.

  • Risk Assessments and Management

Identifying and examining threats and risks to clients and their businesses and assists in the planning and mitigation of those risks. Our licensed security consultants help our clients understand and mitigate their security risks by using leading risk methodologies.

  • Information and Data Security

NSI Global Counter Intelligence provide specialist network, computer and information technology security consulting which is centred on risk analysis, assessment, and management of IT Security risks.