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Private Client and Family Office Services

Risk Advisory Services - Travel Risk Assessments

NSI provides a number of risk advisory services to family offices and high/ultra-high net worth individuals and families. We have successfully implemented our 5-pillar risk management strategy to ensure the safety and security of our private clients and their families.

Our risk management strategy is a holistic approach to securing our private clients’ and their families’ hard-earned lifestyles and their security. Whether it is a security review, social media monitoring, itinerary support whilst travelling, or an electronic bug sweep of a residence or hotel room to ensure your conversations and business operations remain secure.

Our experts come from a number of fields such as military, law enforcement, intelligence and security. Our analysts constantly assess our clients’ threat level by reviewing their practices, movements, public exposure, travel arrangements, business operations, assets, previous incidents, any staff employed by the private client or family, and so on. By assessing these interactions, contacts and locations, our specialists implement policies, procedures and recommendations for immediate action.

Travel Risk Advisory

After successfully managing to movement of executives, employees, private clients and family movements throughout the world, we understand that no two missions are the same. Our experts, ranging from the military and intelligence fields, assess every project and provide a customised plan, specifically tailored to the destination, itinerary and movements at the destination, and the profile of the individual traveller.

Every country, every individual, every project requires a different set of security protocols. Some individuals will require an evacuation plan in the event there is an attack or an uprising, whereas some individuals will require near-real-time intelligence as to any contagion risk associated to travelling to a specific location within a country.

Having a unique fusion of intelligence and operational security sets us apart from our competition.