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Identity Security

Protective Identity Monitoring and Identity Theft Investigations

Has your identity been stolen? Do you need your identity protected and monitored online?

Opportunistic crime is on the rise. With the ease of access to information and individual’s lax security on computers and mobile devices, hackers, criminals, and fraudsters can hijack someone’s identity and use it for nefarious purposes. The victim in most cases will not realise their identity has been stolen until it’s too late. Once an attacker assumes the identity of an individual, they usually begin with small purchases online to confirm it all works.

A larger transaction will follow at a later date, often with numerous other purchases. At NSI, we have helped hundreds of clients secure their identities. We recommend a proactive approach to protect your identity whereby we analyse your current situation and provide recommendations and solutions to secure your identity.

Protective Identity Monitoring – Deep and Dark Web

Threats to your company can arise from anywhere and at any time. 24 hour a day vigilance and analysis are necessary to protect your organisation’s interests.

NSI’s threat monitoring team of analysts, track online actors and transactions through all corners of the web, in order to provide security managers with useful intelligence on the covert discussions and plans of unfavourable groups. This allows us to provide your organisation with advanced warning of physical and virtual threats and ensures the organisation and its security teams are better prepared to combat any issues when and wherever they arise.

Our experts understand the three web domains:

  • Clear web
  • Deep web
  • Dark web

Without an understanding of these, you cannot build holistic intelligence to assist in mitigating risks. Resources scoured include media outlets and the clear web, social media and the deep web, and the criminal elements who occupy the dark web. NSI provides solutions that can fully protect your company against the next violent demonstration, attack, or campaign aimed at your organisation, executives, and infrastructure.

We have an early detection system that identifies serious issues. We then send out immediate alerts as they occur to help bring time-sensitive risks to your organisation’s attention in order to neutralise the threat. Our analysts continuously monitor for mentions and threats against an organisation or its interests. We then assess the negative sentiments and assign a risk level to them.

Identity Theft Investigations

NSI’s unique Protective Monitoring service is able to detect instances of identity theft and fraud. Hackers, criminals, and fraudsters need a small amount of personally identifiable information to be able to assume/hijack the identity of someone.

Our protective monitoring service will monitor any instance of your personal information being posted or shared on the 3 web domains (clear, deep, and dark webs). Upon detection, we notify our clients so they can review the data found and provide recommendations moving forward.

NSI’s proactive solution involves our intelligence analysts assessing and monitoring your current situation. We then provide a report indicating weaknesses in the security of your identity and information and provide solutions to protect your identity.