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Encrypted Push To Talk Communications for Teams

Secure, Server-less Communications for Teams

Next-Generation Push-to-Talk – Authorised Australian Reseller

NSI Global Counter Intelligence are leaders in secure encrypted communication technologies. The EchoPTT platform is perfect for two or more people. Capable of operating in complex network environments and without any server infrastructure. The push-to-talk system uses military-grade security and a unique, server-less method of operation. Available on the Google Play Store as a downloadable app. Contact NSI to obtain a license to use EchoPTT.

NSI’s Encrypted Push To Talk (PTT) Communications solution can quickly and easily operate with your existing PTT solution.

We support a large range of standards-based technologies and a wide range of configuration options, helping protect the investment you’ve already made.  We have ensured that EchoPTT uses end-to-end encryption using nothing less than AES256 Encryption Technology. The system also requires mutual authentication using standard of customer-issued X.509 certificates.

Real-Time Team Communications
  • Local or Global Real-Time Communications – Whether your team is based locally or in multiple sites across the world, EchoPTT is the best choice for instant, encrypted, secure communications.
  • Group Chats – You are able to converse in separate groups or broadcast to all groups.
  • Supports INFOSEC Requirements – EchoPTT adheres to strict INFOSEC requirements, with AES256 encryption on all traffic, encryption on unicast interlinks crossing private and/or public networks, and X.509 certificate-based mutual authentication.
  • Interoperability – Designed to be interoperable and support combat net radios, standards-based RoIP applications for military, IP-based audio interoperability with Motorola Solutions, Cisco InstantConnect™, TrellisWare, Silvus Technologies.
  • Radio Gateways – Vendors such as Vocality/Cubic, Cisco, Raytheon, and Klas Telecom are supported.
  • Networking – Useable on wired and wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, 3G and SATCOM.
  • Application Deployment and Control – Supported using industry-standard Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Blackberry/Good Technologies, and Citrix.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is EchoPTT? 

EchoPTT is a communications solution designed for your team. Basically, it is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) application that operates in IP multicast environments – meaning there’s no server required, in a unicast environment (where a routing connection is required), or a mixed-mode environment where EchoPTT nodes operate as bridges between the local multicast network and routers.

  • Does it run in the background?

Yes, it does. EchoPTT will continue to receive audio on the groups you’ve joined even while you have another application in the foreground. In fact, you can even close EchoPTT and still receive audio.

  • Is it secure?

Yes. Industry-standard AES256 is used to encrypt all communications between nodes. Handshake message authentication is done via SHA256/RSA.

  • Who can use EchoPTT?

Anyone in your organisation who has a need to communicate with groups of people can use EchoPTT. This is especially useful for staff working remotely during COVID-19. All you need is a device capable of running the software, install it, get configured, and go!

  • Does EchoPTT work on VPNs?

It most certainly does. We have tested on many VPN solutions and have, so far, not come across a VPN that EchoPTT cannot work on. If your VPN supports IP multicast, you’re all set.

  • How do I purchase EchoPTT licenses?

Contact us on 1300 000 674 for licensing.