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Data Recovery Services Sydney

Sydney Data Recovery Computer - Mobile - Memory Cards - HDD & SSD

Find Your Lost Data

For safe, reliable data recovery services in Sydney, look no further than NSI Global Counter Intelligence. Our experts are dedicated to minimising the severe impact that data loss can have on you or your business. We offer services to those who wish to restore information from a damaged device, such as a corrupted phone, laptop, computer, SD card or USB. Our services are also appropriate for anyone who needs to recover deleted files, whether this is for professional, personal or legal reasons. We can even help in the instance of a data breach and will endeavour to recover data that has been damaged or ransomed. Whatever your data needs may be, NSI has your back.

Restoring Lost Data From Your Phone

We are trained to deal with any type of data loss that might befall your device and are equipped to work with many models of mobile phone, including iPhones and iOS devices, and Android phones. Our experts can work with both personal and business devices, and can even assist to restore data from a dead phone. As digital forensic experts, we can also detect spyware, malware and interception attempts on your mobile device. This service can assure you that your device is safe and secure.

As part of our mobile data services, we can find:

  • SMS messages
  • Contacts
  • Social media and app data
  • Call history
  • Images, audio and video
  • Web browser history
  • Bluetooth-paired device history

Finding Lost or Missing Files on Your Hard Drives and SSDs

Along with mobile phones, the NSI experts are practiced in the complicated processes of restoring data from hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). As a core component for many computers, such as PCs and Macs, we advise that only professionals attempt these restorations. However, as NSI are digital forensic experts, we can assist with restoring data from hard drives of all kinds, ensuring you have the best possible chance of getting your data back.

We recover:

  • Emails
  • Internet use information
  • Images, audio and video
  • Temporary files
  • Logs

Why Choose NSI?

The dedicated team at NSI are experts at retrieving data for individuals and businesses. But what truly sets us apart as a company is the scope of our experience with different devices, data and situations. Our varied services, which include forensic extraction and analysis, are furthermore trusted by law enforcement and high-level agencies. We practise close documentation and can provide legally admissible reports, affidavits and expert witness testimonies. For your peace of mind, each of our operators have government security clearances, so they can be trusted with confidential data.

We Are Digital Forensic Experts

Along with providing data recovery services to Melbourne and beyond, we also specialise in digital forensic investigations ranging from corporate fraud, financial tampering, cybercrime, and employee misconduct. Our clients range from the private sector to multinational organisations, law firms, law enforcement and government agencies.

Additionally, our strict digital forensic extraction and analysis methodology can be used to gather court-admissible evidence. As Australia’s best-equipped digital forensic lab, we analyse all data closely, ensuring that no digital evidence is ignored. Further, our qualified examiners can provide affidavits and expert witness testimony. We can also present the evidence in a court-admissible report.

Get Data Help Today!

Contact NSI today for data recovery services in Sydney, including North Sydney. We offer a free assessment to ensure you’re fully informed as to what data and how much we can retrieve.