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Data Recovery Services in Canberra

Canberra Data Recovery Computer - Mobile - Memory Cards - HDD & SSD

Lost Data? hard drive failure, computer crash or data loss of any kind in Canberra?

Forensic Data Recovery allows you to access and recover your lost files when they become inaccessible by the usual means. This is handy in situations where data gets corrupted or lost due to factors such as user error, deletion, mechanical and physical damage, and more. We at NSI Global Counter Intelligence can help you assess each situation and provide you with the safest and most secure forensic data recovery services in Canberra.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) are where you store information such as files, images, and videos from your devices. Important as they are, they are susceptible to data loss due to several possible reasons, ranging from malware to reformatting, to physical damage and more.

Because each loss is unique, there is no one way of doing deleted data recovery. You have to assess every situation and figure out the appropriate solution for each individual case. That’s why the variations of data recovery software in the market are only helpful to a certain extent. In some cases, they can even cause further damage or permanent loss.

You’ll need our team, NSI, to increase your chances of safely and successfully retrieving your hard drive’s lost data. Our solutions are always unique and designed for your specific case of data loss. We have seasoned digital forensics and computer data recovery specialists who are highly trained in hard drive data recovery, as well as in the operation of our sophisticated software for data recovery.

Our services allow you to recover data from all types of hard drives:

  • Hard Disk (desktops, laptops, servers – server data recovery)
  • Computer data recovery
  • Solid State Drives (netbooks, MacBook Airs, tables, smartphones) – SSD data recovery
  • Flash drives
  • PC, Macintosh, Unix, Linux
  • USB, USB 2, USB 3 – USB Data Recovery
  • Firewire, Lightening
  • RAIDs

Mac Data Recovery

Apple products typically lose data due to hardware malfunction or physical damage. They’re quite tricky—you may not even have any warning signs until the drive completely fails. Moreover, Apple uses different kinds of media storage for each make and model for example: Hard Disk Drives (HDD), SSD Hard Drives or M.2 SSD Hard Drives. Having been in the business for years, NSI has developed techniques for each one.

Retrieving data from Mac computers presents unique difficulties compared to other brands. Macs are designed to save files in fully categorised libraries that should make finding files easier. The problem is that these libraries depend on complicated linkage systems. Luckily, we are not only capable of retrieving an important file but we may also be able to recover your full library completely intact.

Mac computers are also equipped with Time Machine, a built-in backup software that breaks up your backup files into complicated puzzles. Our specialists are capable of retrieving and assembling these puzzle pieces to completely restore them as they were.

We can recover your data from all Mac products:

  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air

Business Data Recovery

You can never go wrong with preparing for the worst. For businesses that rely upon their computer systems to operate effectively, this is particularly important. Your company’s data can be corrupted or lost due to several factors. Most of the time the issue can be derived from simple human error. Natural disasters also pose a huge threat and can lead to not only physical losses but the loss of important data. Other times, data loss could be the result of remote attackers or disloyal employees with malicious intent. When these cyberattacks happen, your system may be infected by malware, spyware, and other viruses. Some of them will demand a ransom to release your important data, otherwise known as ransomware. If you’re ill-prepared, you’d have to pay a large sum to retrieve that data so as to avoid going out of business. Our data recovery services will provide you or your company with the best data recovery solutions in the market.

Court Admissible Reports

Our digital forensic data recovery service is not limited to data retrieval. Our digital forensic services also include legally admissible reports, expert evidence affidavits for all legal matters. These are helpful in cases where malicious acts are involved, including criminal activities, cyberattacks, and more. You can be assured that our team will make every effort to provide a full service that will wholly benefit and support you.

Do you need premier data recovery services in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne? Do not fret! NSI can retrieve your lost data from your computer and any other storage device.

We also offer forensic data recovery services for mobile phones such as iPhones and Android mobile phones.


Why Choose NSI Data Recovery Melbourne?

  • If we can't do it, no one can!
  • We adhere to the ASD Essential 8 from, ISO 27001 Standard and NIST SP 800-171.
  • Our examiners are registered Data Protection Officers through the UK Information Commissioner's Office.
  • Our examiners have government security clearances ranging from baseline to NV1.
  • Your data is stored in standalone forensic machines in-house, keeping your data safe.
  • We provide free assessments of your device to ascertain a success rate.