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Data Recovery Brisbane Computer - Mobile - Server - Memory Cards - Hards Drives & SSD

Get Your Lost Data Back With NSI Global Counter Intelligence

If your computer or device has been damaged or infected with malware, or you have accidentally deleted an important file, you may need the help of data retrieval experts. This is when you need to talk to Brisbane’s data recovery experts: NSI. We can assist you with restoring data from a range of storage devices. As part of this service, we can also ensure the retrieved data is admissible for use in court.

NSI’s Comprehensive Data Retrieval Services

At NSI Global Counter Intelligence, we endeavour to provide the best data restoration services in both Australia and the world. Our specially trained digital forensic experts are extremely skilled and talented, using the preferred methods of law enforcement and governments worldwide.

Our extensive services include but are not limited to:

  • Restoring data from a range of hard drives, including those that have suffered logical or physical failures, like viruses or physical damage.
  • Outlining any and all relationships between emails, files and downloads.
  • Matching mobile phone data to other data sources, like email, for a full overview of evidence.
  • Preparing electronically stored information (ESI) in an easily accessible format to assist in a range of investigations.
  • Preparing detailed reports of data recovered which can be used in court.
  • Providing expert digital forensic witness testimony in court.
  • Providing free data-restoration assessments to ensure all parties are aware of the likelihood of retrieving the required data.

We Can Restore Data From a Host of Devices

Our experts are trained to work with popular and less-popular devices so as many individuals as possible can access our superior services. As a result, we can help with data retrieval for a range of operating systems, including PC, Macintosh or Apple, Unix, and Linux. Further, we are experienced with the following storage formats:

  • Hard disks, like desktop and some laptop computers, and servers
  • Solid state drives (SSDs), like some laptop computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Flash drives, thumb drives and USB sticks
  • FireWire hard drives
  • RAID (redundant array of independent disks) hard drives

We can also assist with tracking lost data on social media platforms and in emails.

Forensic Recovery of All Types of Digital Information

As part of our services, we can help you retrieve a range of digital data, including:

  • Emails, including deleted emails
  • Internet-use information
  • Erased or deleted files, including pictures and video
  • Temporary files
  • Access and usage information

Your Data Is Important to Us

We know you wouldn’t be seeking our services if the data you had lost was unimportant. That’s why we have high standards for security when restoring and working with your data. Our measures include:

  • Following the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s 8 essential mitigation strategies to reduce the likelihood of our systems becoming compromised.
  • Ensuring all our team members who are working with your data are registered Data Protection Officers via the UK Information Commissioner's Office.
  • Ensuring all our team members who are working with your data have government-level security clearances.
  • Storing your data in-house in forensic-quality machines.

We Are Digital Forensic Experts

Along with providing data recovery services to Melbourne and beyond, we also specialise in digital forensic investigations ranging from corporate fraud, financial tampering, cybercrime, and employee misconduct. Our clients range from the private sector to multinational organisations, law firms, law enforcement and government agencies.

Additionally, our strict digital forensic extraction and analysis methodology can be used to gather court-admissible evidence. As Australia’s best-equipped digital forensic lab, we analyse all data closely, ensuring that no digital evidence is ignored. Further, our qualified examiners can provide affidavits and expert witness testimony. We can also present the evidence in a court-admissible report.

The Number 1 Choice in Data Recovery in Brisbane

If you have missing or corrupted data, give yourself the best chance at getting it back by talking to NSI today!