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Electronic Bugging of Homes

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NSI’s CEO, Navid Sobbi, discusses electronic bugging of homes with’s Ray Sparvell. The article (click here to read) highlights telltale signs of devices such as hidden cameras and microphones, that could be installed in a home.

There have been many instances where clients have contacted us upon noticing that their furniture has been moved slightly, or a door appears to have been forcibly opened. The client may be involved in child custody battles, divorce or family law proceedings, or issues with the sale of properties and inheritances.

In addition, many of our clients in the corporate world would conduct business in their homes from time to time, especially when entertaining foreign guests. Guests usually bring gifts with them and this is where the issue arises. Some of these gifts may, in fact, be hidden listening devices that could cause serious damage to the business.

A determined competitor or individual will almost certainly take advantage of these opportunities when trying to gather intelligence on an entity. The likelihood rises exponentially with the potential of significant monetary or strategic gains.

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